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What is a Fernco used for?

What is a Fernco used for?

Fernco pipe couplings and adapters are used for all types of in-house and sewer connections: drain, waste, vent piping, house-to-main, repairs, cut- ins, conductor, roof drains and increasers-reducers. Manufacturing thousands of different flexible coupling types, Fernco has the right solution for most applications.

How long do Fernco fittings last?

It is a petroleum product and will likely turn back into a fossil fuel in, oh, about 10,000 years… The clamps are usually stainless steel too and will last a long long time too… and fernco fitting are a code connection and perfectly appropriate in that instance…

How flexible are Fernco couplings?

Fernco manufacturers the most complete line of flexible couplings in the industry, from sizes of 3/4″ to 27″ (19mm to 381mm). The dimensional flexibility of Fernco couplings ensures leak-proof pipe seals on virtually any pipe material: plastic, cast iron, asbestos cement, clay, concrete, steel, copper and ductile iron.

Are Fernco couplings code?

It is my understanding that flexible PVC couplings (e.g. Fernco) meet the definition of Mechanical Joint in the international residential code. The 2015 IRC prohibits the use of Mechanical Joints on PVC couplings above ground “unless otherwise approved”.

How many PSI can a Fernco hold?

I looked at the Fernco website and all their standard couplings seem to be rated at 4.3 psi max and 140 deg F. There may be high pressure couplings but none were obvious and I admit I didn’t browse a lot. I’ve only seen these used on sewer lines.

Can you bury rubber coupling?

Teh all rubber “Fernco” is ONLY permitted underground “outside” the building. The banded ones are used indoors, and if they could not be used underground there is no way we could install cast iron drain systems.

Can you bury Fernco couplings?

A unshielded fernco should never be buried. Instead use a shielded coupling that is meant for direct burial in dwv. Teh all rubber “Fernco” is ONLY permitted underground “outside” the building.

How much pressure can a Fernco handle?

0000004872 00000 n Fernco manufacturers the most complete line of flexible couplings in the industry. Maximum working pressure of 4.3 psi Underground rated, resists chemicals, ultraviolet rays and fungus growth Provides positive seals for drain connections Made in the USA! Available for 1.5″ to 27″ couplings.

Can you bury a no hub coupling?

Mission and husky couplings are allowed underground here, no hubs aswell. Have to fasten to 60ibs.

How much does it cost to tighten Fernco?

Re: Fernco coupler.. just tighten? assuming that you have the proper coupling, tighten to 60 inch pounds. that’s about as tight as you can turn a nut driver by hand.

Can Fernco couplings be used underground?

Can Fernco fittings be buried?

Here, Fernco, if you are referring to the all rubber coupling with 2 hose clamps, can ONLY be used underground.

What makes fernco a good company to work for?

By setting standards for performance, availability and support, Fernco remains committed to a single goal: our customer’s complete and total satisfaction. Fernco is employed by hard-working people who care about the craftsmanship and service that goes into every order. As an American manufacturer, we value their importance to the company.

What is the phone number for fernco USA?

Phone: 1-800-521-1283 Fax: 1-775-331-7531 Operational Hours: 7:30am – 4:00pm PST Please call the phone number above, if you have questions or concerns regarding a product. About Fernco

Is there such a thing as a fernco coupling?

The name “Fernco” has become the definition of industry-standard flexible couplings. Our customers demand Fernco with confidence in knowing the connection will have the best performance and quality. For a coupling to perform like a Fernco, it must say Fernco! Qwik Steps on How to Install a Fernco Coupling.

Is there a fernco distribution center in Canada?

Canadian distribution center in Sarnia, Ontario is opened. Fernco West distribution center located in Sparks, NV opened. International office opened to sell to European distributors.