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How To Bet On Golf Online

When discussing sports betting, golf is rarely on the to-play list. However, this is not to say golf lovers don’t dabble now and then. To bet, a player must have an account that should take too long to set up.

If you live in areas where real money casino is legal, you can give online golf betting a try. However, while online golf betting is fun, it’s best to know how it works.

Golf Betting Basics

Golf betting, unlike other sports, might be a little more complicated for inexperienced bettors. Let’s go over the various forms of golf bets available at sportsbooks:

To win

A widely known approach to wagering in a competition is to pick the tournament’s winner.  Before the beginning of a tournament, this bet is usually placed with a futures stake. On the other hand, online sportsbooks now provide updated odds for all events.

Versus the field

Another approach to golf betting is to stake on an individual golfer’s performance versus a different set of players. This bet is usually placed on one of the event favorites. Punters also can bet on their favorite to win or take their odds with the rest of the field.


Golf betting is also based on head-to-head competitions. In most tournaments, you’ll be able to locate many head-to-head games for the tour’s greatest players. Sportsbooks can also provide odds on what a golfer might potentially do.

Many sportsbooks offer odds for head-to-head matches in each round, as well as for the full tournament.


This betting variant is similar to placing a futures wager on a golfer to win an event; however, you can choose where they finish. Most sportsbooks encourage you to wager on a player getting into the top three, five, or ten places.

First round leader

Staking on the first-round leader can spice up any tournament’s first 18 holes. With this, you’re betting on golfers that will be the leader after the first round rather than who will win the entire tournament. These odds are sometimes comparable to the starting odds for winning the tournament.

Group matchup

This is organized similarly to head-to-head wagers but with more than two golfers. These typically comprise three or four golfers of equal skill levels.

Most sportsbooks will let you wager on a group matchup and separate rounds during the tournament.


Prop bets are an unusual way to gamble on golf. Many of today’s top online sportsbooks offer a variety of prop bets, such as selecting the best player from each ethnicity.

You can choose which Australian golfer will win a specific tournament. Other nationalities, such as Africans, Irish, and Irish, are frequently included in betting lines.

Another variation on this prop is picking a winner from a specific country. For example, if you think Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson have the best prospects in a tournament, you may bet the winner will be from the United States.

Golf props betting

There are certain propositional wagers available in addition to the more standard wagers featured at every golf tournament. Depending on the sportsbook, these are more difficult to come by. Nonetheless, most applications feature props for at least the main tournaments.

As previously stated, betting on nationality is an exciting and unique alternative. The majority of other prop bets are classified as tournament or player props.

For instance, you can decide if a hole-in-one will be made or the number of strokes the champion will earn. You can also decide whether the event will proceed to a playoff and which golfer will shoot the lowest score in each round.