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How much is a membership at Nifs?

How much is a membership at Nifs?

$30 a month; Cost includes a kit locker, shower access and sauna, whirlpool, steam room access. Additional memberships available at NIFS: Individual Memberships.

Is there a gym at IUPUI?

You can also take advantage of the IUPUI Athletic and Fitness Center, a 65,000-square-foot facility located at 250 University Blvd.

Does IUPUI have a free gym?

Find more at Membership also includes Campus Recreations’ full menu of fitness classes and intramural sports at no additional cost. Gym access for pickup games, lockers, and outdoor space are all included, too.

What does Nifs stand for?

National Incident Feature Service
The National Incident Feature Service (NIFS) refers primarily to an ArcGIS Online (AGOL)-hosted feature service. The NIFS is designed for use on wildland fires of any size to improve standardization and compatibility nationwide.

Does IUPUI have a dance team?

Xiphos Corps is a dance community at IUPUI. We want to help foster connections and ideas between both experienced and beginning dancers. Xiphos Corps is a place in which people can grow their passions and talents within a space that accepts everyone.

Does IUPUI have tennis courts?

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis is a public tennis facility situated at University St and Blake St, Indianapolis, IN 46202. There are 14 public tennis courts at this tennis location. The tennis courts are not lighted. You can contact this tennis facility at 317-274-5555.

Where can I park IUPUI?

Student parking at IUPUI: Here’s the scoop

  • Ball Residence Hall or Riverwalk Apartments and Townhomes residents will want a Campus Housing or North Campus (NCS) pass.
  • University Tower residents have options for a Tower Garage or an NCS pass.
  • Students living in North Hall can obtain a Blackford Garage or an NCS pass.

What does public Nifs mean?

Where can I play tennis in Indianapolis?

Tennis Courts in Indianapolis, Indiana

Tennis Court Map Players
Broad Ripple Park 1801 E 64th St S Dr, Indianapolis 7.47 m 94
Eastwood Tennis Center 4401 E 62nd St, Indianapolis 7.64 m 0
JCC Indianapolis 6701 Hoover Rd, Indianapolis 7.76 m 59
Indianapolis Racquet Club East 4901 Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis 7.98 m 4

How much is parking at IUPUI?

Visitor Rates

4-6 hours $9.00
6-8 Hours $11.00
8-12 hours $14.00
12-24 hours $18.00

Does IUPUI have free parking?

Free parking is available at specific locations during weekends, holidays, and university breaks. Please remember a valid IU parking permit is required after 5 p.m., except in a limited number of lots. During special events, free parking may be suspended. Look for additional signs.

What does BLM fire mean?

fire and aviation program
The agency’s national fire and aviation program, BLM Fire, which focuses on public safety as its top priority, consists of fire suppression, preparedness, predictive services, vegetative fuels management, community assistance and protection, and fire prevention through education. …

Can you buy a NIFS membership at IUPUI?

Faculty and staff can purchase a membership to NIFS for a reduced rate and can do so at the new IUPUI Athletic and Fitness Center. We want you to sweat during your workouts, not when becoming a member. You love being a member, so why not get paid to be a gym rat?

Do you need Nat membership to swim at IUPUI?

*All IUPUI faculty/staff and students: The IUPUI Campus Recreation membership gives access to all Campus Recreational swimming including lap swimming at the NAT. You will need to use the Campus Recreation membership to access the NAT.

How big is the NIFS fitness center in Indianapolis?

NIFS 65,000-square-foot fitness center, located in downtown Indianapolis on the IUPUI campus, has over 3,000 members and some of the most up-to-date equipment in the industry. We offer full service training and coaching options as well as fitness assessments like the BOD POD, Fit3D scanner and VO2 testing.

Do you have to be a student to have a NIFS membership?

Please note that access to NIFS is included in the student membership only. Faculty and staff can purchase a membership to NIFS for a reduced rate and can do so at the new IUPUI Athletic and Fitness Center. We want you to sweat during your workouts, not when becoming a member.