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How do you become a nup?

How do you become a nup?

Minimum qualification would be education, work experience, eligibility, and training.

  1. To be able to apply, applicants who wish to be part of the NUP should provide formalization of their request in writing.
  2. Applicants need to attach the following documents to their letter of intent or their application letter:

What is the work of nup?

NUP plays a vital role in police works. They were the ones who are in charge of the administrative matters/works of the organization. They are the partners of the police officers in delivery of its service, not in a combatant way but as clerks who manage the office and its paper works.

What is nup in PNP?

Non-Uniformed Personnel (NUP) – refers to permanent civilian employees. of the PNP with plantilla positions and salary grades as attested by the Civil Service Commission and NAPOLCOM; d.

What is Nupad?

Government Organization.

How can I get PNP nup?

How to Apply to the PNP NUP Hiring

  1. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (Download Link) with recent passport-sized picture;
  2. Performance rating in the last rating period (if applicable);
  3. Photocopy of certificate of eligibility/rating/license; and.
  4. Photocopy of Transcript of Record.

How can I apply for PNP?


  1. Create Account (YAHOO/GMAIL);
  2. Open your account;
  3. Go to official PNP ORAS website: / click Online Recruitment logo;
  4. Scroll down then click “JOIN NOW” button;
  5. Fill out the Account Registration Form then click “SUBMIT” button;
  6. Go back to your email address;

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Is PNP hiring now?

PNP Recruitment is now under the PNP Recruitment and Selection Service. The new recruitment hub will be under the supervision of the Directorate for Personnel and Records Management (DPRM). PNP RSS opens attrition Quota CY 2021.

What documents do you need for PNP?

Basic entry requirements

  • have a valid travel document, like a passport.
  • be in good health.
  • have no criminal or immigration-related convictions.
  • convince an immigration officer that you have ties—such as a job, home, financial assets or family—that will take you back to your home country.

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How to apply for a PNP NUP position?

According to NUPAD, PNP DPRM, please DISREGARD the deadline indicated but submit ASAP your document/folder to the respective Office/Unit thru courier. If you are interested to apply for the PNP NUP Hiring, make sure to coordinate with the Office or Unit concerned. Again, please disregard the indicated deadline in the PDF.

How to apply for a PNP SG 8 position?

Electronics and Communications Equipment Technician II (SG 8) To be announced. 1. Check the available positions in the PDF. Take note of the minimum qualification standards (education, training, work experience and eligibility). The place of assignment is also included there. 2.

Is the Philippine National Police ( PNP ) hiring?

PNP-NUP Hiring 2021. The Philippine National Police in Police Regional Office 12 (PRO12) and Police Regional Office 13 (PRO13) announces the Non-Uniformed Personnel vacant positions for 2021. A total of 37 positions will be available for application. If you want to work for the PNP as a NUP, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

What is the Regional Screening Committee for the PNP?

Process the application of the PNP applicants implementing the policies and guidelines governing recruitment and lateral entry program. Evaluate the qualification of the PNP applicants and recommend to the Regional Screening Committee.