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The Best Android Games to Play Right Now

The Best Android Games to Play Right Now

Need for Speed

Thirst for speed – flash race in which you control a sports car on the highways. In each race, you need to come to the finish line in the shortest possible time. For this, bonus money is given and new tracks are opened. The game Pubg pc allows you to compete in five routes. Between races, you can go into the garage and improve the performance of your car: brakes for a quick stop, an engine for speed, and tires for traction. Collisions and roadside slow down the car significantly.

Crazy Bandicoot Racing 3D

Crazy bandicoot 3D (Eng. Crash bandicoot) – races that introduce you to funny animals called Bandicoot. As one of these rodents, you will need to take part in the annual mini-card competition. Win them will help you a variety of bonuses, dispersed on each of the tracks that can speed up your car or slow down the enemy’s transport. We draw your attention to the fact that before embarking on the “Career” regime, you can try your hand at “Time Trial” or “Single Race”. This will allow you to assess your chances of winning and practice a bit before a fight with real opponents. Management in this free game: Up – gas, down – brake, Right / Left – turn.

Rage of the Titans 3D

Fury of the Titans 3D (eng. Fury of Titans) – free racing games, featuring three-dimensional graphics and a choice of several game modes. Among the available modes are: “Single race” (normal race with opponents), “Career” (allows you to take part in a series of races that determine the best rider), as well as “Race for Time” (give you the opportunity to hone your skills in driving an SUV bypassing the track for a certain time). Among the distinctive features of the game is worth noting the detailed graphics and the ability of cars to get into a skid. Control: Up – Gas, down – brake, Left / Right – turn, Z – skid, X – acceleration.

Mad 3D acceleration

Crazy 3D Acceleration (Eng. Acceleration 3D) – free three-dimensional racing on high-speed cars. As well as in many other analogs, in this game, there are three main modes “Career”, “Single race” and “Time trial”. Each of them has its unique differences that will allow you to practice your driving skills or to take part in the most extreme competition. Among the main features of this game is to provide excellent graphics, great sound, as well as a special system of acceleration, which can be used only in case of filling a special scale with the help of drift. Control: Forward – Gas, down – brake, Right / Left – turn, Z – drift, X – acceleration.

Far Cry 3 game sent to record

UBISOFT has sent Far Cry 3 game to fit on rims. As it was published by, this fall the publisher withstood the release of the game for 3 months, but now there will be no delays.

According to the director of UBISOFT, the extra time allocated for fine-tuning the game had a significant effect on the quality of the final product.

Far Cry 3 earned the best points for play testing in the entire history of UBISOFT. This once again confirms that the quality of the new game is simply excellent,” said Yves Guillemot.

Far Cry 3 is preparing for release on December 29 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC – reminds

The creators of Call of Duty: White Ops 2 reported on a new zombie game mode

Trey arch and Activision demonstrated to the audience a modernized zombie mode in White Ops 2. As announced, the zombie skirmish turned into an independent spur with some fresh sub-models and perspectives.

You can see the updated trailer produced on the occasion of the announcement of the new zombie mode in a similar section of the game. You can also play Pubg lite PC right now free which recently released for low-end devices

Among the game modes will be found in the new world under the name Transit:

Condition – players need to withstand the incessant attacks of zombies in one of the locations in the world Transit. You can play alone or in cooperative mode for 4 players.

Kachina is an updated order for 8 players who break into 2 teams of 4 people each and fight not just with a zombie, but also a friend against a friend.

According to, in the zombie mode, there will be statistics, improved matchmaking technology, and charts for any sub module. Moreover, the game will have the ability to create custom games with their requirements and options.

The game will have 4 fresh characters, fresh types of zombies, including “extra zombies”, and a large number of other innovations.

The updated zombie order in Call of Duty: White Ops 2 will be possible to check on December 13 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.