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What do you need to know about SEO as a web designer?

What do you need to know about SEO as a web designer?

As a web designer, there are many hidden things that you might not know. If you want to satisfy your clients and give them the best services then here are some tips for you all. There are many people out there that are into SEO and web designing, and you need to find a void for you, or you just need to make one.

It is not at all about competing with someone, and there are so many other things that you need to know. You will get to know a lot of things that are mentioned in this article, and you need to keep track of all these things. If you want to get a hold of your clients and want to get some better work, then you need to follow up this guide to become a better web development and SEO expert.

What is SEO?

Well, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and you need to get that for your website if you want better sales and traffic on your website. Many firms can help websites for the SEO and better web design, and if you are an individual yourself, then you need to find some tips that can help you to stand out in the market with your skills. For that, you need to know some SEO tips, and we are here to help you with all those things for you. So, let us get to it –

1) Search for Keyword

Searching keyword sounds some hard and fast thing that needs you to do a lot of searching for that but here is the answer. The keyword research is the search of keywords that are used by the majority of the people on the search engine regarding your services.

For instances, you have an online shopping blog then you need to find some relevant keywords that pop out on the web. Keep all that in your mind and it will surely help you to get a long way up to the top. Even while using Google, you can do that for you, and it can work out for you in the best way.

2) Make Website Compatible with the Design

First things first and you need to make it for the mobile phone at first sight. According to a study done in 2015, it was found that there is an increase of 77% in the mobile search engines and there are many websites that are now facing issues with the SEO as they have desktop templates. For more details, you can log onto Tayloright for some much-needed information.

To become more user-friendly and SEO friendly, you need to come up with a better template, and you can even use two templates and design for both desktop and mobile design of the website. These things are to be noticed in the first place and just like SEO is the first thing that you put into consideration from the start, you need to do that with this thing also.

3) Meaningful URL

The URL that you use for the website has to meaningful and if you are using some or anything that is available for a low price is not at all relevant. If you are considering a technical company, then you need to come up with some relevant URL that can help you in the best way possible. An exact URL is all that you can get from so many hosts, and you need to consider this as an important part for your website.

4) Title Tags

This work just like the keywords used for SEO, and if anyone searches for relevant tags, then Google will show up the most reliable and friendly thing ever with it. You can use the tags to make your website more SEO friendly, and it can help you to get a long way up to the top for sure.

Make sure to use less than 65 characters, and it will help you to top the SEO list for your website. It works just like an additional keyword but with a more relevant meaning for your blog post or anything that you upload.

5) Website Speed

The Website Speed is the only thing that you need to consider for all your users. There are times when your user might not have proper knowledge for the website, and it will take those hours to lad a single page. This is not at all good for the user and for your kind information, and this is not at all a better option to start with.

You need to consider this thing for your website, and if we talk about the SEO ranking, then you will never get your website on the top with a high-end page which takes up much time and a faster internet connection.

6) Image Files

You will see that you ignore this thing more commonly and if you are the one who has more photographs on their website, then it is better to consider all of the images that you are using.You need to make the files as per the name, and if you are using some of the files as index.jpg and all, then your website may not be on the top.

You need to use it as per the thing that you are showing. There are keywords for that, and if you are showing a cat then it has to be cat.jpg, and it is all that can help you with that.

7) Social Sharing

Who doesn’t want social sharing and it is a part of SEO when it comes to getting traffic to websites. Social media is the best way to get as many traffic on your website as you can by connecting with more and more people eventually.

Make sure that you use as many posts as you can with more frequent communication with your customers and do that with every website you own. You can even do that for your clients and let them know how this all works.