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Who owns Cottage Hospital?

Who owns Cottage Hospital?

Cottage Health System
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital is a community hospital in the city of Santa Barbara, California. It is owned and operated by Cottage Health System.

How many employees does Cottage Health have?

3,500 employees
Cottage is the region’s largest private employer, with 3,500 employees. The health system is designated as an American Heart Association “Fit Friendly” workplace and offers childcare services to its employees.

Why are they called cottage hospitals?

The original concept of a cottage hospital was a small rural building having several beds. This local knowledge of the patient would probably have been lost, had they been referred to their nearest county hospital, as was typical for poorer patients.

Where is the cottage hospital in Santa Barbara?

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Postal Address: Cottage Health Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital P.O. Box 689 Santa Barbara, CA 93102-0689. Delivery Address: Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital 400 W. Pueblo Street Santa Barbara, CA 93105 Hospital Telephone: 805-682-7111. Bill Pay Information: Cottage Health Customer Service Department: 805-695-2518

Where is cottage health Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital?

Postal / Delivery Address: Cottage Health Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital 351 S. Patterson Avenue Goleta, CA 93111 Hospital Telephone: (805) 967-3411 For information, email: [email protected].

Who are the medical staff at Cottage Hospital?

More than 650 physicians serve on the medical staff of Cottage hospitals. Through charity care, shortfalls in government reimbursement and a broad array of community programs, Cottage Health annually provides approximately $144 million in services for the benefit of those most in need. Population Health is a new initiative from Cottage Health.

How long has cottage health been in California?

For over 125 years, our not-for-profit health system has been providing advanced medical care for patients throughout California. Today, our nationally recognized services provide families with the patient-centered care they deserve.