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What did Remedios Varo die of?

What did Remedios Varo die of?

Heart attack
Remedios Varo/Cause of death
She had a well-received first solo exhibition in Mexico City in 1956 and continued to exhibit thereafter. Varo created the bulk of her work in the last 10 years of her life. She died of a heart attack at age 54.

Was Remedios Varo religious?

She was a devout Catholic and commended herself to the patron saint of Anglès, the Virgin of Los Remedios, promising to name her first daughter after the saint. Varo met her husband Gerardo Lizárraga at the Escuela de Bellas Artes and married him in San Sebastian in 1930.

Why was Remedios Varo exiled?

Varo arrived in Mexico at the end of 1941 having had to flee the oppression of Vichy France and the Nazis. These exiled artist from Europe were not loved by everybody and the most popular Mexican artist of the time, Diego Rivera and his partner Freda Kahlo. …

What is Remedios Varo best known for?

Remedios Varo, whose full name was María de los Remedios Alicia Rodriga Varo y Uranga, was a Mexican-Spanish painter who was particularly remembered for her contribution to the artistic movements of Surrealism and Symbolism. Her work is still famous today, particularly in Mexico and the USA.

Who did Remedios Varo marry?

Gerardo Lizarragam. 1930
Benjamin Péret
Remedios Varo/Spouse

Was Remedios Varo a witch?

Remedios Varo’s works are sprinkled with alchemical symbolism, magic, and memories. Constellations is the title of an exhibition by the Malba (Buenos Aires) on the work of Remedios Varo, which can be followed from his Instagram account.

Who was Remedios Varo inspired by?

During her childhood in Spain, Varo was influenced by her engineer father, who taught her to draw, and her strict Catholic schooling, against which she rebelled. Following her graduation from art school, she pursued Surrealism and political change.

How old is Remedios Varo?

54 years (1908–1963)
Remedios Varo/Age at death

Where was Remedios Varo from?

Anglès, Spain
Remedios Varo/Place of birth