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Who are Draper Tools and what do they do?

Who are Draper Tools and what do they do?

Draper Tools Official Website. Established in 1919, Draper Tools is a supplier of quality trade, professional and diy tools. Check out the massive range of tools available from one supplier. DIY | Trade Select: DIY | Trade Home Products New Products Product Manual/ Parts List Finder Product Videos The Brands Timing/Locking Tool Finder

Where are Draper window shades made in Indiana?

We’ve been manufacturing solar control solutions in Spiceland, Indiana since 1902. Our commitment to our community remains strong, and our domestic production ensures higher quality and shorter lead times than our competitors—many of whom have moved their manufacturing to Asia or Mexico.

How does a draper window shade system work?

Draper ® shading systems are designed to work in any control scenario. From simple wall switches to manual bead chain clutch operation to remote operation, to sun tracking and building operating systems, we will design a control package to allow you to get the most of the shading systems’ capabilities.

How does a walk draw divider curtain work?

Simple to use and store, the Walk-Draw Divider Curtains feature a divider curtain suspended from an overhead track. While walking, just pull the curtain into place or pull it back into its compact storage area. Ball bearing wheels ensure smooth gliding action, so curtain always moves at the operator’s pace.

Which is the best domain for Draper, Inc?

Based on your detected country, we suggest the domain for the best experience. Founded in 1902, Draper, Inc. is a Spiceland, Indiana based manufacturer of Audiovisual Equipment, Solar Control Shading Systems, and Gymnasium Equipment. Our core product lines consist of: Tell us about your project.

Who is the founder of Draper, Inc?

Introducing Clarity Shield social distancing barriers by Draper, Inc. In this podcast episode, Lee Denhart discusses this new line of products. Introducing Clarity Shield.

Is there a lifetime warranty on Draper Tools?

We are so confident in our products that we offer a lifetime warranty on all our handtools. In the unlikely event you encounter a problem, simply return the product to the retailer where you purchased it, with original proof-of-purchase.