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Who would win the Undertaker or John Cena?

Who would win the Undertaker or John Cena?

John Cena beat The Undertaker three times in his career. This only takes into account their one-on-one matches. The two superstars faced off against each other six times in singles competition, of which The Undertaker won three times, and Cena won three times.

Is John Cena better than Batista?

While Batista really has some fantastic dry humor, which is perfect for certain roles, but something John Cena is better at is over the top humor. Cena doesn’t take himself too seriously, which he showcased in WWE with some goofy moments.

Did Batista really break John Cena neck?

Did Cena actually break his neck? Arguably the most love/hated Superstar in the WWE, John Cena has suffered a herniated disc in his neck at Summerslam. The injury happened during his match against Batista. Cena will need surgery and will be out indefinitly.

Is John Cena friends with Batista?

Batista and John Cena respect each other, but that doesn’t mean they can stand one another. It is said that one of the reasons why Batista resigned from WWE was Cena, as The Animal couldn’t bear for Cena to be that inspirational face of kids, that handsome boy that girls love but who actually killed real wrestling.

Who is stronger John Cena or Roman Reigns?

Over his 17 year career, John Cena has a whopping 1,020 wins, 252 losses, and 57 draws. Over his 7 year career, Roman Reigns has 588 wins, 253 losses, and 33 draws. This is interesting on several levels. First of all, Reigns actually has one more loss than Cena despite his career being 10 years shorter to this point.

What is John Cenas networth?

John Cena is worth an estimated US$60 million, taking him a long way from his days of having to compete in eating contests to get a free meal. But the WWE star hasn’t just relied on wrestling to earn his fortune. Here’s how the 44-year-old American entertainer built his wealth.

What kind of neck surgery did John Cena have?

fusion surgery
There was major concern Cena would need the dreaded fusion surgery that Edge, Steve Austin, and Chris Benoit had, but WWE Medical Program head Dr. Joseph Maroon simply removed a fragment from Cena’s spinal cord that was blocking a nerve in a 90-minute operation.

Who is John Cena’s best friend?

Randy Orton
John Cena & Randy Orton are best friend in real life | Wwe couples, John cena, Wwe superstars.

Who is Roman Reigns best friend?

8 He Loves: Chris Jericho Roman Reigns became one of Chris Jericho’s best friends in the industry after some years they spent together.

Who defeated Roman Reigns?

Seth Rollins
After the latter match, Reigns was attacked by a returning Seth Rollins. At Money in the Bank on June 19, Reigns was defeated by Rollins, marking his first clean loss on the main roster and ending his title reign at 77 days.

How many times Cena beat Roman Reigns?

Cena is a 16-time world champion and has accomplished almost everything in WWE. From Shawn Michaels to The Rock, he has defeated many legendary wrestlers. However, Roman Reigns is one such wrestler who has never lost to John Cena in a singles match.