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What Are the Best Phishing Solutions Available?

What Are the Best Phishing Solutions Available?

Phishing attacks cause a lot of trouble for business enterprises in many ways. Right from stealing confidential data to draining money from the bank accounts, duping employees, etc. a single phishing attack can potentially ruin a business. Shareholders and customers would lose trust in the business, brands face backlash for the leaked information, the human resources or the employees would be targeted, and in short, things would from great to worse.

The security of the enterprise depends on the IT department. Handling firewalls, having a proper antivirus software in place, using anti phishing software to ensure email protection are some of the crucial tasks of the department.

In this post, let us take a look at some of the best phishing solutions provided by the next generation anti phishing software. You might wonder why an anti phishing software is required when antivirus software is already in place.

Antivirus software does not provide complete email protection while the job of anti phishing software is to make sure that the email system is safeguarded in all possible ways by providing complete protection.

Training employees and making them aware of various phishing attacks is a good way to start working on countering phishing. But it is in no way enough. When employees work 12-14 hours each day opening numerous emails can they spare enough time to identify and assess each email without any help from the system?

Now, if the email security system was to provide a banner with each email showing the employee about the possibility of the email being malicious, fraud, a forgery, that would make it easy. Employees can report the email and also learn more about it by clicking on the banner.

Providing the best phishing solutions would mean effectively recognizing and blocking a suspicious email and alerting the users about the phishing attack. This email security system has to work with any of the email systems. After all, every enterprise uses an email system that is convenient for them. Office 365, G Suite, or Exchange; the anti phishing software should work with each of these to perfection.

Office 365 has a security system of its own. But, just like every other traditional system, the protection is limited. Moreover, attackers are using the provided security features as a way to enter the inbox of employees. By opting for the advanced anti phishing software, enterprises can ensure that every single email is scanned, filtered, and the employee is alerted.

Another feature of Office 365 is flexibility that allows employees to use their personal devices for official work. This presents a greater risk as all devices in various locations have to be covered by the email security system.

With the best phishing solutions which run on an independent cloud platform, it becomes easy to provide the same level of protection for all devices linked to the system. The size, volume of the enterprise, and the number of devices linked do not affect the performance of the software. Employees from any location can report a suspicious email. It will be reflected in the interactive dashboard that is used to track the number of phishing attacks.

When all the internal and external emails are scanned for possible phishing threats using machine learning and computer vision technology, it reads the codes with hidden malicious software, recognizes empty logos, traces the source of an email (when emails claim to be from another employee but come from an external source).

Behavioral pattern and brand profiling are done to determine the pattern in which employees or brands send emails. The URLs are not just compared to the links in the existing database but the codes are scanned and the end page is checked to see if it is genuine or fake. The email is blocked as a suspicious email until then, keeping the employees safe from a potential phishing threat.

It takes less than an hour to install the anti phishing software and deploy it enterprise-wide. The software will provide an invisible protective layer that cannot be bypassed by attackers as it is not detected by them. The existing malware and spam filters can be integrated into the anti phishing software. It works seamlessly anywhere.