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How does the Photo Sphere camera app work?

How does the Photo Sphere camera app work?

Photo spheres empower you to look up, down, and all around to revisit the amazing places you’ve encountered — and share them with anyone using geo tag feature. You can read more about PhotoSphere here. Open the Photo Sphere Camera app. Tap the orange camera button. Hold your device vertically, close to your body.

Can a photo sphere be used for a panorama?

Photo spheres work best outdoors where there are not a lot of complex things close to you, such as tree branches. But if you can create a well-connected, 360 degree panorama, you can create a photosphere from it. Things that move, such as people, cars, and tree branches can also cause problems just like they do when creating any panorama.

What do I need to make a photo sphere?

Capturing a panorama to make a photo sphere requires making a panorama that covers 360 degrees horizontally and up to 180 degrees vertically. To create this panoramic image, we need to capture a series of overlapping images that can be stitched together later using computer software.

Which is better Bubbli photo sphere or Android Photo Sphere?

The end product is a bubble-style photo sphere of your surroundings. There are a few advantages of a Bubbli Photo Sphere over an Android Photo Sphere. Bubbli uploads photos to their servers for stitching. So, unlike Android Photo Sphere, you need an active internet connection for creating your photo-bubble.

Is there a photosphere app for Android 4.3?

The latest Android 4.3 camera comes with slightly different menus with upgraded PhotoSphere camera which does FULL 360 degrees (whereas before it did full 360 degrees but misses some of the top/bottom center). If you install this Android 4.3 camera, it will also install Android 4.3 Gallery app.

How does a panorama work on Photo Sphere?

A panorama captures a wide-angle view of a scene by smoothly merging multiple photographs into a single continuous photo strip. Generally, the coverage of a typical panoramic strip is linear; which means it only captures images along one axis. Photo Sphere takes this concept to a whole new level.

Can you create a photo sphere on Photosynth?

When you complete capturing the entire scene, you can click the finish to join all the individual frames and create a Photo Sphere. Unlike Photo Sphere on Android, Photosynth won’t allow you to upload and share these 3D images to Google Maps; but you can contribute to Bing Maps instead.