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What episode does Sato and Takagi kiss?

What episode does Sato and Takagi kiss?

Volume 60: 625-627/Episode 530-531: The Truth Behind the Urban Legend[edit] Takagi and Sato are on a stakeout when Sato says suddenly “give me a hot kiss right now!” and they nearly kiss but they are interrupted by Conan, who points out that they are pretending to be lovers.

Are Takagi and Sato dating?

Actually at that point they aren’t dating, their first date is after the Tokyo Tower Bomb case(304), Episode 358-59, Metro Police Love Story 5. Metro Police Love 3: This is about Sato’s dad who were killed in a traffic accident while on duty, Takagi solved the case with Conan’s help.

Who is Takagi crush?

Takagi has a crush on Nishikata, but just like Nishikata, she is not ready to confess yet as she is still young and at school age. Often, Takagi’s teases also served as romantic hints to Nishikata to see whether he would reciprocate her feelings, and to test Nishikata’s boundaries and responses to her actions.

Do Nishikata and Takagi ever get together?

In the future, Nishikata and Takagi are around 26 – 27 year old, and they are married. Even as adults, they still enjoy having competitions, which Nishikata continues to constantly lose.

Is Scotch alive?

Scotch was killed before his real name was revealed to the other black organization members.

How did Wataru Takagi get his name Detective Conan?

Takagi is named after his voice actor: he was originally a nameless character. In Episode 66, when Megure asks Takagi to check the bloodstains on the roof, his voice actor Chafurin adlibbed the name “Wataru Takagi” by accident during the recording session.

Who are the main characters in Detective Conan?

Wataru Takagi (高木 渉, Takagi Wataru?) known as Harry Wilder in the Funimation Dub is a Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department ‘s First Division Police Sergeant & Detective and the romantic interest of Miwako Sato , is a supporting character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan .

How did Conan disarm the bomb in with a bang?

Conan disarms the bomb at the final second acquiring a part of the hint which were the letters “EVIT”. He explains Takagi his deductions on the location of the other bomb which is set to detonate at 3 pm. The bomber is cornered by the police after performing a wide area search around Teitan High School.

Which is the 304th episode of Detective Conan?

Yureru Keishichō Sennihyakumannin no Hitojichi?) is the 304th episode of Detective Conan anime . Miwako Sato reminisces about the bomber case three years ago in which a bomber sent a fax to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police containing the location of a bomb in the form of a riddle.