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What trades pay the most?

What trades pay the most?

Top 15 Highest Paying Trade Jobs in 2020By Jeff Gillis. Plumber. Construction Manager. Elevator Mechanic. Electrical Powerline Technician. Aircraft Mechanic. Geological and Petroleum Technician. Boilermaker.

Are the trades worth it?

Compensation: Trades Jobs Are Well-Paying. Even those who are concerned about the hefty price tag of college still feel that while the cost may be high, it’s always worth it, since it will increase their lifetime earnings potential.

What trade school makes the most money?

On this page, we’ve compiled the highest paying trade school careers of 2019.Boilermaker. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. IT Technician. Rotary Drill Operator for the Oil and Gas Industry. Respiratory Therapist. Web Developer. Aircraft Mechanic. Get Started Today With Vista College.

What trades are in demand 2019?

Here are the most in-demand jobs for 2019Application software developer. Annual median salary: $101,790. Medical services manager. Annual median salary: $98,350. Registered nurse. Annual median salary: $70,000. Medical technologist. Annual median salary: $51,770. Construction laborer. Annual median salary: $34,350. Nursing assistant. Home health aide.