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What is a plain text document?

What is a plain text document?

Plain text, as you might have guessed, is rather plain. It supports standard ASCII characters, including numbers, symbols, and spaces, but does not support any type of text formatting. You can use a basic text editor such as Notepad or WordPad (for Windows) or TextEdit (for Mac) to create a plain text document.

How do I make a plain text resume on Mac?

Creating a plain-text resumeSpell check and Save your resume in Microsoft Word (or your word processing program).Open a simple text editor, like Notepad on a PC or TextEdit on a Mac.Return to your Microsoft Word resume. Press Ctrl+C to copy the text.

What are the requirements for a plain text resume?

A plain text resume or cover letter is very simple and contains no bullets, bold, italics or lines….Applying OnlineCopy and paste your plain text cover letter into the text box.Put a line of dashes below the cover letter and before your resume.Copy and paste your resume below the line of dashes.