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What are live sessions?

What are live sessions?

Live sessions (LS) offer opportunities for interaction between students and with the instructor. Students have seen the video lectures and they have read the course materials. They are now ready to actively practice, consolidate, confirm, and transfer their new learning.

How do I view a live session?

Yes, you can watch Sessions in full-screen mode by clicking the white box in the lower-right corner of the video on either the website or the app. To watch a Session on your Smart TV, please download the Sessions Live mobile app or use the Google Chrome web browser to enable the on-screen Cast icon.

How do you join a crew in Sessions Live?

You can subscribe to a specific artist’s crew by clicking on the “Join Crew” button. This will take you to a payment window to subscribe! If you’re watching a live performance you’ll find the “Join Crew” button on the right-hand side under the artist tab.

How does a live session work?

During the Live Session, each group leads a discussion of their particular case, with the instructor adding additional questions and comments. Then, during the Live Session, the instructor puts groups of students into breakout rooms to work on the problem. The instructor monitors the groups while they are working.

How do you buy love in session live?

How do I buy Love? Love can be purchased on by clicking SHOP at the top menu. In the app, tap Messages in the footer, then tap the pencil at the upper-right corner of the screen. Your profile will appear, showing your most up-to-date Love balance and the ability to purchase more.

Is session live real?

Sessions is a global live-streaming platform for artists where audiences can leave tips in the form of virtual gifts, shout-out requests, and more. It’s a model that’s been replicated in gaming platforms like Twitch and Caffeine, but hasn’t really been applied to the music scene in the same way.

Can you rewatch sessions live?

No, Sessions are 100% live with no rewinds, repeats, or replays.

How does sessions live stream work?

Meaning Sessions will pay them a small hourly amount to stream. The schedule and amount are released week by week, but it generally boils down to around $5 to $8 per hour with a cap on the amount of paid hours (usually around 6 to 8) you can claim every week.

What is a session GA?

In GA a ‘session’ refers to the set of actions taken by a user on your site in a given time frame, and a ‘user’ is the visitor who has initiated the session.

How do you define session?

1 : a meeting or period devoted to a particular activity The football team held a practice session. 2 : a single meeting (as of a court, lawmaking body, or school) 3 : a whole series of meetings Congress was in session for six months. 4 : the time during which a court, congress, or school meets.

Why is live session important?

One of the reasons that a live meeting is such an important form of communication is that there’s an emotional impact that comes with a live meeting and cannot be replaced by any other form of communication. The energy that comes from a group of people together, in a room, collaborating is infectious.

What kind of music can I make with sessionband?

Create studio quality multitrack music to your own chords in minutes with the award-winning SessionBand apps. From stunning Soul, Jazz & Funk to bass-busting EDM and Deep House, there are 15 SessionBand apps to create your own royalty-free music with. Thousands of chord-based loops performed by the world’s finest artists.

How many countries has session band been in?

Forbes describes our content as ‘ remarkably polished ‘, while Jamie Cullum says SessionBand is ‘ extraordinarily useful ‘. No surprise that SessionBand has reached the No 1 paid music app position in 34 countries since launch. With SessionBand, creating your own royalty free music is easy – whatever your musical ability.

What can you do with Google Play sessions?

As a Fan, you can discover Artists from all over the world, attend hundreds of free virtual concerts 24/7, meet & friend Artists, get up close and personal during an Artist Session, belong to your favorite Artist’s journey to success, and ultimately be a part of an Artist’s inner crew and champion their rise to stardom. Loading…