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Who voices janna lol?

Who voices janna lol?

Erin Fitzgerald
Janna is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald. PsyOps Sona are also voiced by the same voice actress.

Who voices KAYN Japanese?

Ken’ichirō Ōhashi
Ken’ichirō Ōhashi (大橋 賢一郎, Ōhashi Ken’ichirō, born March 24, 1982), better known by the stage name Kenn, is a Japanese actor, voice actor and singer from Tokyo, Japan. He made his debut as a voice actor in 2004 in the Japanese anime Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (Yu-Gi-Oh!

How do you get Japanese sett voice?

Add the Japanese locale to the Shortcut by:

  1. Right-click the newly created League of Legends shortcut.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Target’ box, where it should say: “C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\LeagueClient.exe.”
  3. Add two spaces to the end of the string of text.
  4. Then copy and paste: –locale=ja_JP.

Who designed Janna?

A Reddit user shared the artwork created by Natalia “Verauko” Trykowska, an illustrator and concept artist. In this fan-made art, Janna looks like a goddess who’s come to bless the mortals of Runeterra.

What karma says League of Legends?

“To conquer one’s self is to conquer all.” “Now we prove our courage.” “There is wisdom in war.” “Never become a monster to defeat one.”

Who has a crush on KAYN?

Kayn/Akali: Akali have a huge crush on Kayn. He think she’s cute. Also, Kayn think of her more of a sister than a lover.

Who is stronger KAYN or Zed?

Kayn is powerful, sure, but he hasn’t outpaced his master yet – and his arrogance means that he won’t realize the depth of his folly until it’s too late. It also doesn’t hurt that Zed is wearing armor and Kayn isn’t.

How do I change my voice to Valorant in Japanese?

Simply get to the sign-in screen when booting up the client, and click the Settings icon (the little gear) in the bottom-right. You’ll see Game Language complete with a drop-down list. Simply select the language of your choice, exit out of both the client and the game if you had it open, and you’ll be good to go.

Who is sett Japanese VA?

Takehito Koyasu
Sett’s Japanese voice actor is Takehito Koyasu, known for many show, movie, and game roles, some of which are the roles of the Beast Titan and Zeke Yeager from the Attack on Titan franchise.

What is the Japanese LoL?

“W” is the equivalent to “lol.” The “w” is short for 笑う (わらう – to laugh). You’ll also see the kanji character 笑 (わらい– laugh) used pretty often. I find that 笑 is more mature sounding (think of “hahaha” vs. “lololol”), and in my experience I’ve seen more guys use 笑 over “w”.

How popular is League of Legends in Japan?

League of Legends player share worldwide in 2017, by server Japan accounts for the lowest number of players, accounting for only 0.71 percent of all LoL players. The number of monthly active users (MAU) in LoL was at approximately 100 million in 2016 and has been increasing in recent years.