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Who is Manchu Lakshmi father?

Who is Manchu Lakshmi father?

Mohan Babu
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Who is Manchu Laxmi husband?

Andy Srinivasanm. 2006
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What is age of Manchu Lakshmi?

43 years (October 8, 1977)
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Where was Manchu Lakshmi born?

Chennai, India
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How did Manchu Lakshmi give birth?

Lakshmi Manchu is the only daughter of actor Mohan Babu and Vidya Devi. Manchu married Andy Srinivasan, an IT professional from Chennai in 2006. The couple has a daughter born through surrogacy.

What is the name of Manchu Lakshmi daughter?

Vidya Nirvana Manchu Anand
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Who is Viranica Reddy father?

Sudheekar Reddy Yeduguri Sandinti
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What means surrogate mother?

It’s a woman who gets artificially inseminated with the father’s sperm. They then carry the baby and deliver it for you and your partner to raise. A traditional surrogate is the baby’s biological mother. That’s because it was their egg that was fertilized by the father’s sperm. Donor sperm can also be used.

Is Mohan Babu rich?

About Mohan Babu’s Net Worth According to, Mohan Babu’s net worth is estimated to be around Rs. 1.45 crore ($2million) in 2021. He has assets that involve his production companies such as Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures, 24 Frames Factory and Manchu Entertainment.

How many kids Manchu Manoj has?

Vishnu and Viranica were blessed with Ayra on August 9 in 2019. The munchkin is the adorable couple’s fourth child after Ariana, Viviana and Avram. It was love at first sight for the 38-year-old ‘Dhee’ actor after meeting Viranica Reddy at a friend’s party.

Who is CC Reddy?

CC Reddy, an educationalist cum former Andhra Pradesh Government Adviser and producer CC Reddy breathed his last yesterday at Care Hospital. Mr. Reddy has been suffering from ill health for quite some time now and died on October 6, 2014 due to heart attack.

Can a woman carry another woman’s egg?

Yes, this is what we know as gestational surrogacy, host surrogacy, or IVF surrogacy, and the woman who carries another woman’s egg is a gestational carrier (GC) or gestational surrogate. …