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Who is Anwar wife?

Who is Anwar wife?

Wan Azizah Wan Ismailm. 1980
Anwar Ibrahim/Wife
In response, Anwar’s wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, declared that she would step down should she retain her Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat to force a by-election in which Anwar himself would contest.

How long was Anwar jailed?

Sentencing. On 14 April 1999, Anwar was sentenced to six years in prison for corruption and, on 8 August 2000, nine years in prison for sodomy. The sentences were to be served consecutively, and Anwar was given no credit for the six months he spent in jail during the trial.

Where is Anwar Ibrahim from?

Cherok Tok Kun, Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia
Anwar Ibrahim/Place of birth

What party is Anwar Ibrahim?

People’s Justice Party
Anwar Ibrahim/Parties

Who is the prime minister of Malaysia?

Ismail Sabri YaakobSince 2021
Malaysia/Prime minister

How old is Mahathir Mohamad?

96 years (July 10, 1925)
Mahathir Mohamad/Age

Who is Malaysia Prime Minister?

Who was the president of Malaysia?

Mahathir Mohamad

Preceded by Hussein Onn
Succeeded by Musa Hitam
Member of the Malaysian Parliament for Langkawi

Who is the president of Malaysia 2020?

Mahathir Mohamad

Yang Amat Berhormat Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad SMN DKI (Johor) DK (Kedah) DKNS DK (Perlis) DUK SUMW DUNM DUPN SPDK SBS SPMJ DP SSDK SPNS SSAP SPCM SSMT PIS MP NPk
Assumed office 12 August 2020
President Mukhriz Mahathir
Preceded by Position established

Who is the oldest Prime Minister in the world?

10 oldest serving state leaders

Rank Name Age
1 Elizabeth II 95 years, 143 days
2 Paul Biya 88 years, 210 days
3 Michel Aoun 87 years, 346 days
4 Mahmoud Abbas 85 years, 300 days

Who is our new Prime Minister?

PM’s Profile Shri Narendra Modi was sworn-in as India’s Prime Minister on 30th May 2019, marking the start of his second term in office. The first ever Prime Minister to be born after Independence, Shri Modi has previously served as the Prime Minister of India from 2014 to 2019.

Who is the oldest prime minister in the world?

What was the name of Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s husband?

A by-election was held for the Dewan Rakyat seat of Permatang Pauh on 7 May 2015, after Wan Azizah’s husband Anwar Ibrahim was disqualified from holding the seat after being found guilty of sodomy in a controversial trial. Wan Azizah contested the seat against three other candidates, retaining it for PKR with a majority of 8,841 votes.

When did Wan Azizah Wan Ismail become Dato Seri?

The award carries the title Dato’ Seri. On 9 March 2014, PKR announced Wan Azizah as its new candidate for the Kajang by-election. This was following Anwar Ibrahim’s sentencing to five years in prison after Malaysia’s court of appeal overturned his sodomy acquittal, causing Anwar to be unable to run in the by-election.

Where does the last name Wan Azizah come from?

In this Malay name, there is no family name. The name Wan Ismail is a patronymic, and the person should be referred to by the given name, Wan Azizah. The Arabic-derived word “bin” or “binti”/”binte”, if used, means ‘son of’ or ‘daughter of’, respectively. Chief Secretary Mohd. Zuki Ali Chief Judge Mohd. Naim Mokhtar

When did Wan Azizah Wan Ismail get the Darjah Panglima?

Wan Azizah was honoured on the occasion of the official birthday of the Yang di-Pertua Negeri (State Governor) of Penang on 12 July 2008 when she was awarded the Darjah Panglima Pangkuan Negeri (Order of the Defender of the State), a chivalric order of the second rank in the state. The award carries the title Dato’ Seri.