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Who gave the voice to Pikachu?

Who gave the voice to Pikachu?

Ikue Ōtani

Ikue Ōtani
Occupation Actress voice actress narrator singer
Years active 1986–present
Agent Mausu Promotion
Notable work Pokémon as Pikachu One Piece as Tony Tony Chopper Detective Conan as Mitsuhiko Tsuburya Persona 5 as Morgana

Who voices Ash Ketchum in Pokemon XY?

Sarah NatochennyPokémon
Rica MatsumotoPokémonVeronica TaylorPokémonFábio LucindoPokémon
Ash Ketchum/Voiced by

In Japanese, the character is voiced by Rika Matsumoto, and Hana Takeda. In the English dub, he was voiced by Veronica Taylor in the first eight seasons and has been voiced by Sarah Natochenny since season 9.

Who is dubbing Pokemon?

Voice actor Sarah Natochenny takes us through her full process of dubbing ‘Pokémon. ‘ Cartoons like ‘Pokémon’ are often reinterpreted from one language to another and require fine-tuning, digital lengthening, and script alteration.

Who is the voice of Pikachu in English?

Kate Bristol, the film’s English language voice actor for Pikachu, told Guardian Australia the line was “out of the ordinary” but still a moment she enjoyed. .

Who is Ash’s dad?

Prior to Pokemon the Movie: Coco, much of what was known of Ash’s father comes from a short phone call with his mother, Delia Ketchum. According to the second episode of the original Pokemon anime, “Pokemon Emergency!,” Mr. Ketchum set off on a Pokemon training journey of his own.

Who is Ash’s wife?

Ash Ketchum had long since made his dreams of becoming a master come true and settled down in Pallet Town running a Pokemon Gym with Misty, his wife.

Is Red Ash’s dad?

So, whilst Red may not be the father of Ash, he could in fact be the young boy Ketchum himself in an alternate timeline.

Who married Ash?

Pokémon’s protagonist Ash Ketchum may finally find love with Serena thanks to the events of the anime XY&Z, leaving room for a future relationship. Ash and Misty should be the only ones that get married since the anime world married Ash and Misty long ago!!

Is Pikachu a girl or a boy?

Species Mouse Pokémon National Pokédex Arbok ← Pikachu (#25) → Raichu
Gender ♂ Male / ♀ Female
Fighting style Electric type
Origin Kanto (Generation I)

Why did Serena kiss Ash?

With Serena, though, it was different — because for once, the show seemed to suggest that she liked him, liked him. “[Serena] is meant to be kissing [Ash] in that scene,” storyboard director Tetsuo Yajima said, based on a translation by members of the Pokémon fansite Serebii.

Who is the voice actor for a Pikachu?

Voiced most times by Ikue Ōtani. Images of the Pikachu voice actors from the Pokemon franchise.

What should I do if I Gave my Alexa a Pikachu voice?

I Gave My Alexa a PIKACHU Voice…. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

Who is the voice actor for Sawyer the Pokemon?

Sawyer Trainer class Trainer Anime debut Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile! English voice actor Robby Duncan Sharpe Japanese voice actor Ikue Ohtani

What kind of Pokemon did honedge use on Pikachu?

The episode began with his Shelgon in a battle against Ash’s Hawlucha, which Hawlucha won. After that, Honedge quickly lost against Pikachu. He then sent out Sceptile, to which Ash responded by sending out his Greninja. They were evenly matched at first, but Sceptile gained the upper hand with Leaf Storm.