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Who are the owners of Trafigura?

Who are the owners of Trafigura?

Trafigura Beheer B.V.
Trafigura/Parent organizations

Trafigura Beheer BV was established as a private group of companies in 1993 by six founding partners: Claude Dauphin, Eric de Turckheim, Graham Sharp, Antonio Cometti, Daniel Posen and Mark Crandall.

Is Trafigura a trading company?

Trafigura is an independent, employee-owned physical trading and logistics business.

Who is the CEO of Trafigura?

Jeremy Weir (Mar 2014–)

What commodities does Trafigura trade?

Trafigura is the market leader for the majority of the refined metals we trade. We trade copper cathodes, copper blister and copper wire rods, aluminium, lead, zinc, nickel and precious metals. We maintain a global presence.

Is Trafigura a good company?

Facilities and management in Trafigura is great. Team is very supportive and push us in forward direction always. There is a good canteen and cafeteria here. Bonus here is great as compared wid any organisations.

Does Trafigura own mines?

We co-invest with UAE-based investment and development company Mubadala in mines and logistics across the globe. We co-own mining operations at MATSA in Spain and Mineração Morro do Ipê in Brazil’s Minais Gerais region.

Why do you want to join Trafigura?

Physical traders from other commodities houses typically enjoy moving to Trafigura because it provides them with a “more competitive” platform, says Hertault. “We’ll push you harder and give you wider exposure to new products and markets.” But to cut the mustard at Trafigura you also need strong communication skills.

Is Trafigura a good company to work for?

How do you trade in commodities?

The most common way to trade commodities is to buy and sell contracts on a futures exchange. The way this works is you enter into an agreement with another investor based on the future price of a commodity.

Why should I join Trafigura?

It is exciting, challenging work and we are looking for the best in the business. We offer great opportunities for progression and development in the international arena. Ability and commitment are well rewarded. Every Trafigura employee has a part to play in shaping our work ethic and developing our strategy.

Is Puma Energy listed?

Puma Energy is privately owned.

What qualities do you think makes a successful trader at Trafigura?

As such, a strong analytical toolkit, knowing how to form an independent view, clear communication skills and an understanding of market dynamics are all key components of the role.

What can I do as a trader with Trafigura?

A career as a trader with Trafigura will provide an unrivalled opportunity to build experience and expertise across oil, gas, metals and bulk commodity markets in every part of the world, while working with and learning from some of the best individuals and teams in the business.

How big is the Trafigura office in Singapore?

Singapore office, which includes our industrial investment Puma Energy occupies 2 floors with 27 meeting rooms and we have our own spacious pantry, shower facilities and lockers. The office space is modern, open and ergonomic to work in, as well as to meet and receive partners and collaborators.

Who are the major buyers of Trafigura condensates?

Trafigura is a leading international condensates trader, bringing a wide variety of grades to market in all parts of the world. We develop new outlets for condensates, using Trafigura’s diverse customer base that includes refineries, splitters and petrochemical facilities.

Who is the head of responsibility for Trafigura?

James Nicholson (second from right), Head of Responsibility for @Trafigura, and #EITI board member, joins the world’s leading #oil major representatives in a discussion to increase #transparency in #commodity trading at Oslo, Norway.