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Which Longaberger baskets are worth the most?

Which Longaberger baskets are worth the most?

The most expensive single Longaberger basket listed on Ebay is a “rare miniature Larry Longaberger Bread & Milk Basket” which is selling for close to $750. The basket comes with free shipping. Today, the only pieces with real value are those that are signed and numbered.

Are Longaberger baskets worth anything?

Today, the only pieces with real value are those that are signed and numbered. The handcrafted woven maple baskets made by Longaberger Company of Ohio were a hot item in the 1990s. While some of the baskets originally sold for hundreds of dollars, many are now available for as little as $20.

How do I find the name of my Longaberger basket?

On the bottom of the basket you will find the Longaberger name, the weaver’s initials, the year the basket was woven and perhaps a special logo if the basket is from a special collection.

Are Longaberger baskets out of style?

But the baskets eventually fell out of fashion. The Longaberger Company, a family business in Dresden, Ohio, that made them, filed for bankruptcy in 2018 and liquidated the following year. Xcel Brands relaunched the Longaberger baskets on home shopping channel QVC in November, and adopted an online sales strategy.

Why did Longaberger baskets go out of business?

But unfortunately, due to economic decline, the 45-year-old Longaberger Company had ceased operations by 2018.

How do you restore a Longaberger basket?

Wipe the basket with a damp sponge or soft cloth, following the weave to get rid of dust or dirt. To remove stains, mix a tablespoon of mild, alkaline-based liquid dish soap in a gallon of tepid water, and wipe the basket, again going with the weave. Apply gently pressure for stubborn stains.

Can Longaberger baskets be repaired?

Can Longaberger baskets be repaired? If your basket breaks, Longaberger does not suggest that you attempt to repair the basket yourself, as you may damage it further. If you don’t have one, you can easily send your Longaberger basket directly to the company to have it professionally repaired.

What is so special about Longaberger baskets?

The basket handles weigh almost 150 tons and can be heated during cold weather to prevent ice damage. Originally, Dave Longaberger wanted all of the Longaberger buildings to be shaped like baskets, but only the headquarters was completed at the time of his death.

What is going on with Longaberger?

A year ago, it seemed the manufacture and sale of Longaberger baskets had ended, with the company’s suspension of operations in May and a bankruptcy court’s decision in October, allowing for liquidation of company assets.

Can you get Longaberger baskets wet?

Longaberger Baskets are designed to be handed down from generation to generation. Older baskets with no color (prior to 1985) can be washed in mild soapy water, rinsed well and set to dry. For baskets later than 1985 or one with color, you need to be really careful with water because it can cause the colors to bleed.