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When did Torquato Tasso write the play Aminta?

When did Torquato Tasso write the play Aminta?

Aminta is a play written by Torquato Tasso in 1573, represented during a garden party at the court of Ferrara.

How many acts are there in the book Aminta?

Both the actors and the public were noble persons living at the Court, who could understand subtle allusions the poet made to that style of life, in contrast with the life of shepherds, represented in an idyllic way. The text is written in hendecasyllabic and septenary verses; it is divided into five acts.

What happens at the end of Aminta’s story?

Aminta, finding her blood-stained veil, attempts to kill himself. Now Silvia is remorseful, comes back to cry over Aminta’s body who is still alive, and the two can happily marry, following the advice that older and wiser friends had been giving them.

What was the fate of Torquato Tasso’s father?

When, during the boy’s childhood, the prince of Salerno came into collision with the Spanish government of Naples, being subsequently outlawed and deprived of his hereditary fiefs, Tasso’s father shared his patron’s fate. He was proclaimed a rebel to the state, along with his son Torquato, and his patrimony was sequestered.

What did Torquato Tasso study at Padua University?

Torquato was sent to study law at Padua. Instead of applying himself to law, the young man bestowed all his attention upon philosophy and poetry. Before the end of 1562, he had produced a twelve-canto epic poem called Rinaldo, which was meant to combine the regularity of the Virgilian with the attractions of the romantic epic.

What kind of illness did Torquato Tasso have?

Tasso suffered from mental illness and died a few days before he was to be crowned on the Capitoline Hill as the king of poets by Pope Clement VIII. His work was widely translated and adapted, and until the beginning of the 20th century, he remained one of the most widely read poets in Europe.