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What is the proposed route for Crossrail 2?

What is the proposed route for Crossrail 2?

Crossrail 2 is a proposed rail route in South East England, running from nine stations in Surrey to three in Hertfordshire, providing a new North–South rail link across Greater London. It would connect the South West Main Line to the West Anglia Main Line, via Victoria and King’s Cross St Pancras.

When was Crossrail first proposed?

A west to north-east line was first proposed in 1944, when the concept of cross-London tunnelled rail services was first introduced in the Greater London Plan. Following this, in 1974, the London Rail Study identified the Chelsea- Hackney Underground line as a possible scheme to serve future demand.

What will Crossrail 2 be called?

What’s Crossrail 2’s official name? At the moment, the project is simply known as ‘Crossrail 2’. Of course, the route may be given another name when it’s actually up and running as a railway line. Crossrail became the Elizabeth line in February 2016, although many still refer to it simply as ‘Crossrail’.

How will Crossrail 2 affect Wimbledon?

A Crossrail 2 station in Wimbledon would: Reduce crowding in the existing station thanks to a new larger entrance and interchange footbridge. Reduce journey times for passengers in Wimbledon heading to the West End and further north. Provide local people with access to more jobs within a 45 minute journey.

Is HS2 the same as Crossrail?

HS2 is the government’s £55.7bn planned high-speed rail network. It will connect London to Birmingham and to Manchester and Leeds. Crossrail, which is London’s £15bn project connecting landmarks like Heathrow Airport and Canary Wharf, is delayed and is due to open nine months after its scheduled launch.

What is Crossrail safeguarding?

Safeguarding is the process by which the proposed route or location of a project can be protected from conflicting development. The Crossrail Act provides for a railway terminating at Reading in the west and Abbey Wood in the southeast.

Where are the stations on the Crossrail 2 route?

Crossrail 2 would serve stations throughout the South East, linking south west and north east London, as well as destinations across Surrey and Hertfordshire. Stations in Surrey, Hertfordshire and the Capital would have direct Crossrail 2 services but the benefits would be felt far beyond the route.

When did the Crossrail 2 plan come out?

Crossrail 2 has moved a step closer to beginning, with updated plans published today, Wednesday 30 May, outlining new work to take the scheme forward.

What are the benefits of Crossrail 2 in London?

Crossrail 2 would help relieve congestion on busy routes into central London and support economic development in and around the capital, specifically targeting some key opportunity areas, such as the Upper Lea Valley, Victoria and Euston and St Pancras.

Where does the Crossrail project take place in London?

(July 2020) Crossrail is a railway construction project underway mainly in central London. Its aim is to provide a high-frequency suburban passenger service crossing the capital from west to east, by connecting two major railway lines terminating in London, the Great Western Main Line and the Great Eastern Main Line.