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What is the most trusted profession in America?

What is the most trusted profession in America?

In a 2020 Gallup poll, nurses ranked No. 1 as most honest and ethical profession.

What is the most trusted profession 2021?

January 13, 2021 Nurses rank as the most honest and trusted professionals in the US, according to a Gallup poll released in December, marking the 19th year in a row the nursing profession has topped the list.

What are the top 5 most trusted professions?

The Top 5 Most Trusted Professions

  1. Firefighters. A 2009 poll conducted by market research institute GfK found that firefighters ranked as the most trusted profession in Europe and the United States with 92 percent of respondents fining them trustworthy.
  2. Teachers.
  3. Doctors/Nurses.
  4. Postal Workers.
  5. Armed Forces.

What is the most distrusted profession?

The 10 most distrusted professions

  • #7 Plumbers.
  • #6 Electricians.
  • #5 Estate Agents.
  • #4 Car Salesmen.
  • #3 Journalists.
  • #2 Bankers.
  • #1 Politicians. And finally, taking the number one spot, it’s those lovely politicians.
  • At the other end of the scale… So that’s the most distrusted professions sorted.

What is the most honest job?

For 18 consecutive years, the public has ranked nursing as the most honest and ethical profession. Once again, Americans have ranked nurses as the most honest and ethical professionals in Gallup’s annual survey of U.S. adults.

What is the least respected job?

Politicians & Salespeople: America’s Least Respected Professions

  • #1 (worst): Congress/ politicians.
  • #3 (car) salespeople.
  • #6 advertising professionals (could also be termed people in marketing)
  • #7 state officeholders/bureaucrats.

What is the most honest profession in the world?

Nurses have topped Gallup’s Honesty and Ethics list in all but one year since they were added in 1999. For the 19th consecutive year, nursing has been ranked number one by the Gallup Poll as the most honest and ethical profession.

What is the most intelligent job in the world?

Using data from an older study conducted by researchers at the University of Wisconsin, here are 10 jobs typically suited for those with high IQ scores.

  1. Doctors and surgeons.
  2. College professors.
  3. Electrical engineers.
  4. Lawyers.
  5. Scientists.
  6. Materials and design engineers.
  7. Software and IT professionals.
  8. Sales.

What is the most prestigious job?

Scientists and doctors are the most respected professions worldwide. A new international YouGov survey of more than 22,000 people in 16 countries reveals the most and least respected professions.

What are the most respected jobs?

Top Most Respected Jobs In The World

  • Doctors and nurses. Health is the most crucial matter in our lives.
  • Lawyers. Lawyers may not address such vital issues, such as health but are traditionally considered to be quite prestigious.
  • Policemen and firemen.
  • Professors and teachers.
  • Scientists and researchers.

What is the least popular profession?

11 Least Popular Jobs in America

  1. 1 | Prosthodontists.
  2. 2 | Private chefs.
  3. 3 | Fishers.
  4. 4 | Fabric menders (non-garment)
  5. 5 | Wood patternmakers.
  6. 6 | Temporary farm worker recruiters.
  7. 7 | Industrial/organizational psychologists.
  8. 8 | Clock adjusters (non-watch)

Why nurses are so respected?

Nurses Get Respect Nurses have an excellent reputation – they are regarded as honest and caring by the general public. Nurses work closely with the public, providing medical care while being mindful of people’s privacy rights.