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What is the meaning of Exultingly?

What is the meaning of Exultingly?

Meaning of exulting in English to express great pleasure or happiness, especially at someone else’s defeat or failure: They exulted at/over their victory.

Is exulting an adjective?

exulting Add to list Share. Use the adjective exulting to describe someone who’s done something amazing and feels happy and proud about it.

What is the definition of the word exultation?

: a feeling of great happiness and excitement : an exultant feeling. See the full definition for exultation in the English Language Learners Dictionary. More from Merriam-Webster on exultation. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for exultation.

What is a straggler mean?

someone who moves slowly or more slowly than others.

What is a efface?

transitive verb. 1 : to eliminate or make indistinct by or as if by wearing away a surface coins with dates effaced by wear also : to cause to vanish daylight effaced the stars. 2 : to make (oneself) modestly or shyly inconspicuous.

What type of word is exultant?

exulting; highly elated; jubilant; triumphant.

What does exult mean in the Bible?

1 : to be extremely joyful : rejoice the team exulted in their victory. 2 obsolete : to leap for joy.

What is the best definition for the word exultation?

noun. the act of exulting; lively or triumphant joy, as over success or victory.

What is the word hulking mean?

: very large or heavy. See the full definition for hulking in the English Language Learners Dictionary. hulking. adjective. hulk·​ing | \ ˈhəl-kiŋ \

What is another word for straggler?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for straggler, like: dawdler, lag, laggard, escapee, matelots, wreckage, lagger, poke, procrastinator, slowpoke and fast.

How do you use the word efface?

Efface in a Sentence 🔉

  1. If I could efface all of my sad memories, I would be a very happy person.
  2. Marvin hoped to efface the paint by scrubbing the walls with a tough sponge.
  3. Because I could not efface the damage on the box of the doll, I had to lower the selling price of the collectible.

What does efface mean in poetry?

to rub out, erase, or obliterate (outlines, traces, inscriptions, etc.). to make (oneself) inconspicuous; withdraw (oneself) modestly or shyly.

Which is the best definition of a metaphor?

Metaphor is a poetically or rhetorically ambitious use of words, a figurative as opposed to literal use. It has attracted more philosophical interest and provoked more philosophical controversy than any of the other traditionally recognized figures of speech.

Which is the best definition of the word exultingly?

verb (used without object) to show or feel a lively or triumphant joy; rejoice exceedingly; be highly elated or jubilant: They exulted over their victory. to be joyful or jubilant, esp because of triumph or success; rejoice

What happens when you use metaphor to talk about two things at once?

When we resort to metaphor, we contrive to talk about two things at once; two different and disparate subject matters are mingled to rich and unpredictable effect. One of these subject matters is already under discussion or at least already up for consideration when a speaker resorts to metaphor in the first place.

Is there such a thing as a contracted metaphor?

Literary theorists regularly acknowledge the existence of extended metaphors, unitary metaphorical likenings that sprawl over multiple successive sentences. There are also contracted metaphors, metaphors that run their course within the narrow confines of a single clause or phrase or word.