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What is ArchiMate used for?

What is ArchiMate used for?

The ArchiMate® enables the user to make use of visual language to capture and model the architectural design. Through the tool, you can visualize relationships within the domains of enterprise architecture. The fields include processes, data applications, organization, and technical infrastructure.

Is ArchiMate free to use?

A free, perpetual Corporate License is available to any organization wanting to use ArchiMate 2.1 entirely for internal purposes. A free, perpetual Academic License is free to any academic organization wanting to use ArchiMate 2.1 entirely for academic (teaching and/or research) purposes.

How much does ArchiMate cost?

ArchiMate Examination fees

Examination Exam Fee**
ArchiMate® 3 Part 1 English*** USD $360
ArchiMate® 3 Part 2 English*** USD $360
ArchiMate® 3 Part 1 Brazilian Portuguese USD $230 (in Brazil), USD $360 (Worldwide)
ArchiMate® 3 Part 2 Brazilian Portuguese USD $230 (in Brazil), USD $360 (Worldwide)

Is ArchiMate a tool?

ArchiMate is a technical standard from The Open Group and is based on the concepts of the IEEE 1471 standard. It is supported by various tool vendors and consulting firms. The Open Group has a certification program for ArchiMate users, software tools and courses.

What are the six basic elements of enterprise architecture?

What are the six basic elements of enterprise architecture?

  • Architecture management. Each enterprise will need an oversight team for the architecture.
  • Architecture framework.
  • Implementation methodology.
  • Documentation artifacts.
  • Architecture repository.
  • Associated best practices.

How does ArchiMate work?

ArchiMate provides instruments to support enterprise architects in describing, analyzing and visualizing the relationships among different architecture domains in an unambiguous way, similar to those well-established disciplines like civil engineering or building and construction using internationally accepted …

What is the difference between ArchiMate and TOGAF?

ArchiMate is a multi-purpose modeling language, whereas TOGAF is an Architecture Development Framework. TOGAF provides a Single Holistic meta-model with relationships, while ArchiMate provides a High-Level generic meta-model, as well as detailed per domain or layer meta-models.

What is archi tool?

Archi is a free and open-source visual-modelling and design tool for creating ArchiMate models and modelling sketches. Since January 2013, Archi has been maintained by its creators, Phil Beauvoir and Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie.

Is TOGAF certification worth?

TOGAF is globally accepted and recognized as a valuable certification. There are only around 1,00,000 TOGAF certified personnel worldwide as of now. There is a need for more current. You can get an excellent job in any country of this world with this.

How many types of elements ArchiMate has?

ArchiMate is defined with three basic core elements: Passive, Behavioral, and Active. Passive elements are accessed or acted upon by Active elements using some type of Behavior.

What are the four components of Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise architecture is the methodology by which an organization plans and arranges IT infrastructure. The components of EA are analysis, design, planning, and implementation.

What is the best enterprise architecture framework?

Top 10 Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

  • TOGAF’s ADM.
  • Zachman.
  • Gartner’s Enterprise Architecture Method.
  • Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEAF)
  • Dept of Defence Architecture Framework (DoDAF)
  • Australian Government AGA.
  • SABSA – Enterprise Security Architecture.
  • Business Architecture Body of Knowledge (BizBoK)