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What is a TRF badge?

What is a TRF badge?

Tactical recognition flash (TRF) is the official British military term for a coloured patch worn on the right arm of combat clothing by members of the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. A TRF serves to quickly identify the regiment or corps of the wearer, in the absence of a cap badge.

What makes up the RLC cap badge?

The RLC cap badge is an amalgamation of the cap badges of the forming corps: The laurel and garter band is from the Royal Engineers. The Indian star is from the Royal Corps of Transport. The shield in the centre is from the Royal Army Ordnance Corps.

What is the RLC in the Army?

The Royal Logistic Corps sustains Army and wider Defence activity, at home and overseas, as a core component of a global, integrated logistic enterprise. We are the Army’s professional logisticians keeping the Field Army marching, its helicopters flying, its vehicles moving and its tanks and guns firing.

What does a RLC officer do?

As an officer in the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) you will command a team of up to 80 soldiers undertaking a variety of crucial roles at home and abroad. Specialising in anything from port operations to bomb disposal, the work that you and your soldiers do will underpin every operation.

Where are the royal Armoured Corps based?

Bovington Garrison
Our Location Home of the Royal Armoured Corps. Bovington Garrison (including Lulworth) is the point of origin of the RAC. The Regiments of the Royal Armoured Corps form the core of the British Army’s Mounted Close Combat capability.

What is a military flash?

In the United States (US) Department of Defense, a beret flash is a shield-shaped embroidered cloth that is 2.25 in (5.72 cm) tall and 1.875 in (4.76 cm) wide with a semi-circular base that is attached to a stiffener backing of a military beret.

What is the RLC motto?

We Sustain
What Is The Motto Of The RLC? The motto ‘We Sustain’ is derived from the Army Catering Corps and the inscription on the garter band reads: “Honi soit qui mal y pense” and can be translated as: “Evil to him who evil thinks”.

Where are 1 RLC based?

St David’s Barracks
1 Regiment RLC has been based at St David’s Barracks since 2014 after moving from Germany and is expected to remain there until at least 2028.

Who founded the RLC?

Royal Engineers
Royal Army Ordnance CorpsRoyal Corps of TransportRoyal Pioneer CorpsArmy Catering Corps
Royal Logistic Corps/Founders
The RLC was formed on 5 April 1993 from the amalgamation of the Royal Corps of Transport, the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, the Royal Pioneer Corps, the Army Catering Corps and the Postal and Courier Branch of the Royal Engineers.