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What is a Podcast and how to create your own podcast?

What is a Podcast and how to create your own podcast?

People’s interests have changed over time. According to a study, approximately 1 million people in the United States listen to Podcasts every month. Today’s post is very special for many people who do not know what a podcast is, why the podcast is gaining so much popularity. So let’s Get started…

What is a Podcast?

The podcast is made up of two words. “Pod” from Apple’s popular Portable Music Device “iPod” and “Cast” from “Broadcast“. The two have been merged to create a “Podcast”. British information technologist, journalist, writer and broadcaster Ben Hamersley used the term “Podcast” in an article in Guardian magazine.

A podcast is a type of audio show or series that can be heard on any mobile or computer device anytime or under any circumstances. Therefore podcast files can also be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube. In other words, suppose you are a Digital Marketer. Your knowledge about Digital Marketing is very good. Now you want to share this knowledge with your online visitors / followers / listeners. That is, a podcast is a medium through which you can increase the connectivity of your audience through audio voice. You can also use Text to Podcast Converter tool to make your podcast.

How to create your own podcast?

Podcast is made up of a specific topic. Many podcasts are created as series on the same subject. Previously radio was one of the main sources of entertainment or news, but nowadays, the emergence of podcasts in place of radio in the field of technology is very promising. A radio program requires a specific studio and teamwork, but for podcasts you can use your private room as a studio. If you want, you can do it on single or some teamwork. The podcast will be most effective in promoting e-learning and literature. To create a podcast you need expertise on various Digital Media manipulations including Audio, Video Editing, Audio Mixing.

Advantages of Podcast

The main advantage of Podcast is that it is short and easy and Podcast users can listen to their favourite things to go somewhere or do something at home. Currently, this Podcast is more popular than anything on the Internet. Podcasts can be learned easily in a short time. Another benefit of podcasts is that you can create or listen to programs anywhere, anytime via podcasts. This feature makes podcasts unique with radio technology.

Podcasts can be accessed by entertainment or educational means. You can promote a series of programs on a specific topic. Podcasting can be a great way to convey your personality to an audience. Also a very independent means of expression is a Podcast where you can enjoy maximum freedom to promote Contents. With Podcasts you can listen to what you want and listen to what you want, which means there is endless freedom for both.

Why podcasts are growing in popularity

People are constantly busy with various tasks. So taking the time to watch TV channels or listen to the radio is often not despite your desire. Podcasts do not require additional time to listen. Also any work can be done. Podcasts can be easily accessed from any device. It does not require any special time to listen. No programs are available at such specific times on radio. So you have to wait for that time to listen to the radio. You can listen to the podcast anytime. Once downloaded, when you want to listen to it, you can listen. This is why podcasts are gaining popularity day by day. Podcast Audience is a member of an educated family. They listen more to podcasts that are Ads free or less ad-free. At one time, TV channels were the only means of watching videos. But YouTube has captured TV channels such as various video sharing sites. The podcast is also going to replace radio. The same is true for podcasts. At one time, advertisers relied on TV channels for advertising only. But now YouTube has a lot of advertisements in TV channels, various social media sites. All companies do digital marketing of their products.

Advertisers will advertise when podcast sites are very popular. Currently, the e-commerce business is in a very poor state. E-commerce merchants pay affiliate commissions to sell products. Promotion of product through website, social media, YouTube, gets the buyer interested in buying the product. In the coming days, e-commerce merchants will present their products to buyers in podcasts. Then it’s time to take a look at the podcast. It will be a billion dollar industry a day.

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