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What does Wah Lau mean?

What does Wah Lau mean?

Oh my Dad
‍Wah lau eh! Originated from Hokkien. “Wah lau” is translated to “Oh my Dad”, and the “eh” is added to enhance this. The expression is commonly used to profess surprise or that something is stupid, can be compared to “Oh my God!”.

What does Obiang mean?

Obiang may refer to: The Singlish word for “old-fashioned”.

What is Orbigood?

Orbigood My favorite Singlish word when in Primary School, orbigood is an exclamation of delight when seeing someone getting his comeuppance.

What is SIA Singapore slang?

It does not have any meaning by itself but It can express ur feeling like angry or sad.It may comes from Chinese because all of the Chinese like to use this kind of expression.So the Singaporean Chinese will use this kind of words.

What does Cibai mean?

the correct sequence is baici,it means “idiot””

Why do Singaporeans say can?

Similar to the original English term, “can” literally means “can”, or “be able to”. The Singaporean usage of “can”, however, is an amazing one. It’s a positive affirmation that’s confident, effective, and extremely efficient.

What does can mean in Singapore?

Can. Meaning: Sure, this means “able to”, “permitted to” or to request something, but this can also be used variously with a Singlish modifier. Example: “Can you do this for me?” “Can lah, no worries.” “Can meh?” “Sure can.”

What is a chow turtle?

Chao turtle. Used to express frustration and dissatisfaction. Chao turtle, that auntie didn’t even say excuse me. Chim/cheem. Used to describe something is difficult or complicated.

What does Lan Jiao mean?

lan jiao – (From Hokkien/Teochew 𡳞鳥/𡳞鸟 or 卵鳥/卵鸟 lān-chiáu) Means guy’s private part (crude). See also Si mi lan jiao.

What does SIA mean in slang?

“Sorry I Asked” is the most common definition for SIA on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. SIA. Definition: Sorry I Asked.

What does CB mean in Singapore?

CB is also known as “chio bu“, a Hokkien phrase which means actually means buxom lady. In the Singaporean context, however, it is the guys’ favourite phrase to describe the presence of an attractive girl.

What is I love you in Singapore?

我舒合你 has become the go-to expression for Teochews to express “I love you” in Singapore.

What kind of slang do they use in Singapore?

Something about hearing Singlish always hits home after an eternity of trying to convince the world that Singapore isn’t part of China. This post of 26 Singaporean slangs is dedicated to all you true blue Singaporeans out there. 1. Atas

What kind of English do people in Singapore use?

Most Singaporeans grew up learning British English in school, but that didn’t stop us from coining our very own expressions and using them in casual conversations with our peers. Such expressions are made up of words you’ll find in the Oxford Dictionary, but which Singaporeans have given different meanings to.

What does the word sekali mean in Singapore?

What it means: Pronounced Scar-lee, “Sekali” or “Sakali” is a Malay word that is used to mean what if or lest. Girl A: Eh, you club so often, then your boyfriend like also steady with you coming.

What does GG stand for in Singapore slang?

What it means: A popular gamer’s term, “GG”, also known as good game, has in recent years been added to the Singaporean’s list of slangs to represent the feeling that something is going to or has already ended in a disaster.