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What are the data types in Hive?

What are the data types in Hive?

Hive Data Types and Transformation Data Types

Hive Data Type Transformation Data Type
Float Double
String String
Boolean Integer
Arrays String

Which data type is not supported in Hive?

Hive versions 0.10 and later are supported. The NCHAR and NVARCHAR data types are not available for data definition. Nor are the Hive complex types ARRAY, MAP, STRUCT, and UNION.

Does Hive support double data type?

Literals support both floating-point types and decimal types. Floating Point Types – These are assumed to be DOUBLE data types in the Hive. Decimal Types – These are assumed to be higher value than float point value with a range more than DOUBLE data type.

What are primitive data types in Hive?

Primitive types:

  • INT.
  • FLOAT.
  • BIGDECIMAL (Only available starting with Hive 0.10.

Where is data stored in hive?

Hive data are stored in one of Hadoop compatible filesystem: S3, HDFS or other compatible filesystem. Hive metadata are stored in RDBMS like MySQL, see supported RDBMS. The location of Hive tables data in S3 or HDFS can be specified for both managed and external tables.

What are different data types and operators in hive?

Hive data types are categorized in numeric types, string types, misc types, and complex types….Integer Types.

Type Size Range
SMALLINT 2-byte signed integer 32,768 to 32,767
INT 4-byte signed integer 2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647
BIGINT 8-byte signed integer -9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807

How do I find data type in hive?

In HIVE you could use: DESCRIBE FORMATTED [DatabaseName]. [TableName] [Column Name]; This gives you the column data type and some stats of that column.

What is map data type in hive?

There are three complex types in hive, The elements in the array must be of the same type. map: It is an unordered collection of key-value pairs. Keys must be of primitive types. Values can be of any type.

Does Hive physically store data?

Hive metadata are stored in RDBMS like MySQL, see supported RDBMS. The location of Hive tables data in S3 or HDFS can be specified for both managed and external tables.

Does Hive store data?

It queries data stored in a distributed storage solution, like the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) or Amazon S3. Hive stores its database and table metadata in a metastore, which is a database or file backed store that enables easy data abstraction and discovery.

Where is data stored in Hive?

Is the INT data type supported in hive?

Ex: Java Int is used for implementing the Int data type here. Character arrays are not supported in HIVE. Hive relies on delimiters to separate its fields, hive on coordinating with Hadoop allows to increase the write performance and read performance. Specifying the length of each column is not expected in the hive database.

What are the column types used in hive?

Column Types. Column type are used as column data types of Hive. They are as follows: Integer type data can be specified using integral data types, INT. When the data range exceeds the range of INT, you need to use BIGINT and if the data range is smaller than the INT, you use SMALLINT.

What’s the range of decimal types in hive?

The range of decimal type is approximately -10 -308 to 10 308 . Missing values are represented by the special value NULL. The Hive complex data types are as follows: Arrays in Hive are used the same way they are used in Java. Maps in Hive are similar to Java Maps.

What happens if you cast Hello as int in hive?

But If cast is used incorrectly as in CAST (‘Hello’ AS INT) , then cast operation will fail and returns NULL . As discussed above, all the primitive data types in Hive are similar to primitive data types in other languages or RDBMSs.