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The main reasons for installing a forex trading robot on a VPS

Forex robots are the most relevant solution for those who plan to develop as a Forex trader. However, here they can also hide pitfalls that you need to know about in order to avoid later. For example, forex robots are not recommended to be installed on a regular home computer – this significantly reduces their effectiveness, since extraneous factors can influence – the Internet speed drops sharply or the electricity goes out. To avoid such problems, such a step as renting a virtual private server will help. VPS is a modern way of connecting to a server. In this option, a trader can rent a virtual dedicated server from a certain provider, with its own desktop.


Features and differences of VPS for forex trading robots

Of course, such a server can hardly be called an ordinary computer, its characteristics are often very different:

  • It has large hard drives, often with specialization;
  • Its sufficiently large-scale computing power can carry out several processes simultaneously and independently of each other;
  • It has a guaranteed Internet connection, maintaining a constant high speed;
  • A power outage does not scare him – he always has alternative energy sources that keep him running smoothly;
  • The constant creation of backups in this case is also not a whim, but an exclusively working necessity, because in this case not a single byte of important information will be lost.

By renting a VPS, a trader gets his “remote desktop” on this computer. The next step is to install one or more working robots using remote access programs, which can now function smoothly and around the clock. The robot will work even after the main computer is disconnected from it. The server does not have weekends or holidays.

VPS Benefits for forex robots


When using a trading robot, a rented VPS server is definitely better than a regular home computer or any other gadget of your own, regardless of their own technical characteristics:

  • round-the-clock work is safe enough and does not require constant attention;
  • trading efficiency will depend, first of all, on the configured algorithms – and now the broker will have enough time to develop their own strategies;
  • everyine can easily connect to such a server from anywhere in the world and from any gadget, for this you only need access to the Internet;
  • the robot will work around the clock, which makes it possible to use all available forex trading sessions when trading, regardless of the time of day;
  • the server equipment is connected to several Internet channels and has several backup power sources;
  • thanks to high-speed Internet, all payment orders sent by the trading robot will reach the specified broker almost instantly.

In order to take full advantage of all the advantages of a trading robot, it is worth placing it on a specially dedicated server.