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Winning Strategies for Playing Roulette

One of the most popular games to play at a casino — both land based and online — is roulette. Roulette has become one of the top games in the world for people to play and is being enjoyed by audiences across various demographics.

No longer is roulette, and other casino games like it, strictly for the older crowds. Thanks to technology, many younger audiences are getting into gaming, and enjoying the benefits of playing them – including the fantastic entertainment value and chance to win real money.

In this article, we’ll explore what roulette is and it’s history alongside how to play roulette online. We’ll also highlight some of the key strategies that can help to enhance your gameplay of this casino classic.

Let’s start us off: what is roulette?

Roulette has it’s roots back in 18th century France. The game, with it’s name taken from the French word for ‘little wheel’ was enjoyed in Paris way back in 1796, and was described in French novel La Roulette, ou le Jour which mentions a wheel in Palais Royal.
When it comes down to it, roulette is an incredibly simple game to play and involves a dealer dropping a ball onto, you guessed it, a spinning wheel which consists of black and red compartments. Players can bet on the color or number that the ball will stop at.

When it comes to the rules, there are three predominant types of games including French, European and American roulette. When it comes to the American version of the game, which is the one featured the most in most American casinos it involves 38 pockets which are numbered 0 to 36. It also includes an extra pocket that’s marked 00.

But what’s causing the growth in popularity?

There are a few main reasons why roulette has been so popular since it was first played by the people of France way back in the 18th century. And of course, reasons why it’s boomed over the past 20 years.

Read on to find out what’s kept players loving this fantastic casino game.

Simplicity of gameplay

One of the reasons that roulette has a longstanding place in casinos is that it’s incredibly easy to play.

Unlike many other traditional casino games, roulette doesn’t require a lot of time to learn in order to enjoy it and get some of the benefits from it. It doesn’t have any complicated rules and it’s premise is simple enough that almost anyone can enjoy it.

This is one of the reasons that it continues to attract new players to it. Games like poker, for instance, can seem inaccessible to players who aren’t as experienced in a casino setting. There’s no need to spend hours researching strategies or studying rules in order to get ahead in this game.

The online boom

The internet boom of the 1990s transformed many industries – and indeed, the way we live our lives. One of the spaces where the internet really took hold of an industry is gaming. And very early on, the casino industry realised how the internet could increase their audiences.

As a result of online casinos, roulette has gained in popularity. That’s because this simple and fun game can now be enjoyed anywhere, at any time. Players are enjoying playing roulette while on a commute or from the comforts of home.

Roulette is an ideal game for those who like to play online as it’s so easy to learn. And due to advancements in technology it’s become just as fun as playing at land-based casinos. These days, many players are enjoying live or video roulette and bringing the atmosphere and excitement of the land-based casino home to them.

Play against the house

One of the reasons that players love roulette is that you’re not competing against other players – you’re against the house instead. The result of this is a really positive, ‘team’ like atmosphere, instead of the most stressed one you might have if it were a game like poker.

Different strategies

There are several different strategies that you can try when playing roulette. Read on to find out the top three.

The Martingale System

The Martingale System is the most commonly used strategy – probably because it’s so simple to get to grips with. Using this system, all you need to do is increase your bets every time you lose.

The theory is that eventually you’ll win all the money back that you lost. While this is a fairly simple strategy to try out, it can also be rather risky! There’s potential for losing out, so be aware before you give it a go.

D’Alembert System

With this strategy you place your bets on table spots that are even, and following a losing a bet you add one unit to the stake (while doing the opposite while winning). This system allows you to keep control if you’re on a streak.

The Fibonacci system This has to be one of the safer of all the strategies in roulette and is based on the Fibonacci numbers. With this system you bet based on what the last two bets added together are.