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Is the Ford Fiesta Zetec a good car?

Is the Ford Fiesta Zetec a good car?

The Fiesta Zetec is equally attractive inside, where you’ll find a neatly designed and logically laid-out dashboard. Quality is good, too, with decent fit and finish, plus plenty of soft-touch materials – although some of the plastics used in the lower half of the cabin are a little hard and scratchy.

Are Ford Fiesta mk6 reliable?

Is a used Ford Fiesta hatchback reliable? This generation of Ford Fiesta has a reputation for reliability, so you can buy with confidence that nothing expensive will go wrong.

Is a 1.25 Fiesta fast?

Powered by a 1.25-litre petrol engine which develops 82 bhp and 84 lb /ft of torque, the Fiesta is never fast hitting 60 mph in 13.3 seconds and a top speed of just 104 mph.

What horsepower is a 1.25 Ford Fiesta?


Power 80 bhp
Top Speed 104 mph
0-60 mph 12.9 secs
Torque 114 Nm, 84 ft-lb
CO2 Emissions 124 g/km

What goes wrong with Ford Fiesta?

NHTSA data for these problems include four crashes, one fire, and seven injuries. Owners experienced engine stalling, lack of power, slipping gears, shuddering, and lurching. As with transmission issues, Ford failed to provide resolutions to these problems for the owners.

What is the best year for Ford Fiesta?

For our money, the best value is the 2017 Ford Fiesta. Its mileage is still very low, even lower than the average 2018 listing, while the average price sits over $2,000 lower. Meanwhile, it has 8,000 fewer miles on average than the 2016, while only adding around $500 to the average list price.

Which year Ford Fiesta is best?

Which is the best used fiesta to buy?

Not only is the Fiesta ST the best Fiesta for performance, it’s one of the best performance cars you can buy, full stop. Its price and running costs shouldn’t break the bank, either.

Which Ford Fiesta model is best?

  • Ford Fiesta Trend. Best for low-cost fun. Not the best for high-end spec.
  • Ford Fiesta Titanium. Best all-round Ford Fiesta. Not the best for manual petrol drivers.
  • Ford Fiesta ST-Line. Best for low-cost sports styling.
  • Ford Fiesta Active. Best for off-road styling and drive.
  • Ford Fiesta ST. Best for speed and performance.

What Insurance Group is Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec?

What insurance group is my Ford Fiesta in?

Model Insurance Group
Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi Style Group 6
Ford Fiesta 1.0 Zetec Group 6
Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec (82ps) Group 6
Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi Style Group 7

Can you remap a 1.25 Fiesta?

In the case of the Ford Fiesta 1.25i 80hp engine, our ECU remapping file is tailored for more power and torque, reduced fuel consumption, smoother acceleration and improved throttle response. This also means that you can change gear earlier, so your Ford engine will run at lower revs and therefore more efficiently.

How much horsepower does a Ford Fiesta Zetec have?

Ford Fiesta (2008 – 2017) 1.0 EcoBoost (125bhp) Zetec S Navigation 3d Specs & Dimensions.

How manybhp does a Ford Fiesta Zetec have?

With just 81bhp on offer in a car weighing 1098kg, the Ford Fiesta 1.25i Zetec is not the nippy runabout it was when the 1.25-litre engine appeared two generations ago. But getting behind the wheel proves that there’s much more to this car than its headlining abilities of low running costs and stylish looks.

What kind of car is Ford Fiesta 1.25?

And in this mid-level Zetec 1.25 model it manages to eclipse rivals such as the Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Polo thanks to its sleek looks, sparkling driving experience, low running costs and practical cabin.

What’s the top speed of a Ford Fiesta?

The Fiesta is a very feminine car, but if you want a sportier looking machine, Zetec S and ST trims will suit you well for a far higher price tag. Powered by a 1.25-litre petrol engine which develops 82 bhp and 84 lb /ft of torque, the Fiesta is never fast hitting 60 mph in 13.3 seconds and a top speed of just 104 mph.

Which is the cleanest car in the Fiesta range?

However the Fiesta Zetec 1.25 isn’t the cleanest of the Fiesta range. It puts out 120g/kms of emissions, which equates to an annual tax bill of £30. And our experts predict that the Ford Fiesta Zetec will hold on to its value reasonably well, with an average figure of 39.6 per cent after three years.