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Is Jimbour house open?

Is Jimbour house open?

Jimbour is the location of one of the nation’s most gracious historical homes – Jimbour – built in 1876. Today the interior of heritage listed Jimbour House is open to the general public for special events, of which the most important are the concerts conducted by the Dalby Arts Council.

Who owns Jimbour House?

Russell Pastoral Company
Jimbour Homestead

Owner Russell Pastoral Company
Technical details
Structural system Sandstone
Floor count 2

When was Jimbour House built?

Work on the house, described by Charles Russell as “a lofty and handsome sandstone mansion of two stories”, was completed by early 1877. The Queensland Heritage Register claims the house “appears to have been the largest, grandest and most expensive private house constructed in Queensland in the 1870s.”

Where is Jimbour Qld?

Jimbour, Queensland

Jimbour Queensland
Coordinates 26°58′S 151°13′ECoordinates: 26°58′S 151°13′E
Postcode(s) 4406
Location 236 km (147 mi) W of Brisbane 109 km (68 mi) NW of Toowoomba 26 km (16 mi) N of Dalby 23 km (14 mi) S of Jandowae
LGA(s) Western Downs Region

How old is the Jimbour House in Brisbane?

Jimbour is both a tiny village 238 km northwest of Brisbane, Australia and also the location of one of the nation’s most gracious historical homes – Jimbour – built in 1876. Today heritage-listed Jimbour House remains a private residence with its interior open only for special events.

Why was the Jimbour Homestead important in Queensland?

Jimbour House was an ambitious structure in terms of size, style and finish and was intended to support the social and political aspirations of Joshua Peter Bell, an important politician and businessman as well as grazier. It is unique in Queensland as the only genuinely grand country house in the English manner…

Where was Joshua Peter Bell’s Jimbour Homestead located?

Joshua Peter Bell. Jimbour is a heritage-listed homestead on one of the earliest stations established on the Darling Downs, Queensland, Australia, It is important in demonstrating the pattern of early European exploration and pastoral settlement in Queensland, Australia.

When did Wilfred Adams Russell buy Jimbour House?

The association of the Russell family with Jimbour House commenced in the 1923 when Roma pastoralist Wilfred Adams Russell purchased the property from Whippell. Title was transferred to Russell in January 1925.