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Is Barack Obama speaking at the Democratic National Convention 2004?

Is Barack Obama speaking at the Democratic National Convention 2004?

The keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention (DNC) was given by then Illinois State Senator, United States senatorial candidate, and future President Barack Obama on the night of Tuesday, July 27, 2004, in Boston, Massachusetts.

How did Obama win in 2004?

On March 16, 2004, Obama won the Democratic primary by an unexpected landslide—receiving 53% of the vote, 29% ahead of his nearest Democratic rival, with a vote total that nearly equaled that of all eight Republican candidates combined—which overnight made him a rising star in the national Democratic Party, started …

Where did the Democratic Party hold its 2008 Democratic national convention to pick a presidential and vice presidential candidate?

The convention was held in Denver, Colorado, from August 25 to 28, 2008, at the Pepsi Center. Senator Barack Obama from Illinois gave his acceptance speech on August 28 at Invesco Field in what the party called an “Open Convention”.

Where was the Democratic National Convention in 2004?

TD Garden
2004 Democratic National Convention/Location
The 2004 Democratic National Convention convened from July 26 to 29, 2004 at the FleetCenter (now the TD Garden) in Boston, Massachusetts, and nominated Senator John Kerry from Massachusetts for president and Senator John Edwards from North Carolina for vice president, respectively, in the 2004 presidential election.

What city did the Democrats hold their second convention at?

The second Democratic National Convention was held in Baltimore on May 20 – 23. It was held a year and a half before the election in order to prevent the emergence of opposition to President Andrew Jackson’s hand-picked successor, Vice President Martin Van Buren.

How does the DNC choose a candidate?

The party’s presidential nominee is chosen primarily by pledged delegates, which are in turn selected through a series of individual state caucuses and primary elections. Add-on or PLEO pledged delegates, which allow for representation by party leaders and elected officials within the state.

Who ran with Kerry 2004?

The Republican ticket of incumbent President George W. Bush and his running mate incumbent Vice President Dick Cheney were elected to a second term, defeating the Democratic ticket of John Kerry, a United States Senator from Massachusetts and his running mate John Edwards, a United States Senator from North Carolina.

Who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004?


Candidate Running mate
John Kerry John Edwards

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