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How to order from terminal Supply Company catalog?

How to order from terminal Supply Company catalog?

To place an order or request a quote, please use our on-line catalog to find items to add to your cart, then either place an order or request a quote. If you know the item numbers or you are interested in items which are not in our on-line catalog, you can use our Quick Quote or Quick Order forms.

Who are the suppliers of heat shrink terminals?

We’ve got it. We’ll build it. We’ll solve it. For more than 50 years we have become a trusted supplier to the heavy-duty and industrial markets because of the quality manufacturers that we stock. Our electrical line includes Molex heat shrink terminals and Bussmann fuses and circuit breakers.

What kind of terminals do Delphi and Packard use?

Some of our most popular lines include adhesive lined shrink terminals, nylon insulated terminals and solder shrink terminals. Our OEM product line includes Delphi/Packard terminals featuring the popular Weatherpack series as well as the Metri Pack 150, Metri Pack 280, Metri Pack 480, Metri Pack 630 and Weatherpack series.

Is the BD hylok a pre fillable syringe?

The BD Hylok™ glass pre-fillable syringe* is a new luer syringe for the administration of viscous and IV drugs. It offers customers the advantages of glass containers (e.g., medication stability) with a robust luer connection. The first targeted application for the BD Hylok syringe is hyaluronic acid and more specifically, dermal fillers.

What are the products of the B-D Company?

Jeep Zippers Weatherstrip Bulb Seals Door & Trunk Seals Edge Trim Fender Welt Glass Felt Strips Glass Run Channels Glass Setting Material Glass Setting Channel Glass Setting Rubber Glass Setting Tape Glass Fillers Windshield Tools Adhesives & Specialty Bond Products 3M™ Adhesives Cleaners 3M™ Cleaners Lexol Leather Products RaggTopp®