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How many goals did Messi score in the 2012 2013 season?

How many goals did Messi score in the 2012 2013 season?

With 76 goals to his name in 2012, Messi also overtook Pelé’s record of 75 goals in a single calendar year from 1958 and is only nine goals from drawing with the all-time record from 1972 by Gerd Müller.

How many goals did Messi scored 2011 12?

On 20 March, Barcelona beat Granada 5–3 at Camp Nou behind a historic hat-trick by Lionel Messi. Messi took his career tally to 234 goals as a Barcelona player and surpassed César as the all-time top scorer for the club in competitive matches.

Who scored the most goals in 2012?

– Messi has set the world record for a goals in a single calendar year, with a grand total of 91, beating the previous all-time best set in 1972 by Germany and Bayern’s Gert Müller, who got 85. The Argentinian got 79 goals for Barça and another 12 for his national team.

What was Ronaldo’s best season?

During the 2014–15 season Ronaldo scored a personal best of 61 goals in all competitions.

What are the two players who scored 12 goals in 2011/2012 called?

Behind Messi was Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored 46 goals; the pair’s combined tally of 96 goals was the most ever by two players playing in the same major European league in the same season…

Who has more career goals Ronaldo or Messi?

Messi vs Ronaldo Stats Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 783 goals in 1073 games in his entire career (0.72 goals per game). Meanwhile, Lionel Messi has scored 748 goals in 929 games (0.80 goals per game). Ronaldo has played 144 games more than Messi and has scored only 26 goals more than him.

Who is better Messi or Ronaldo?

The individual battle between Ronaldo and Messi has been the defining feature of modern football for the past decade and more. Ronaldo does boast more of FIFA’s new ‘The Best’ awards and has been crowned UEFA Player of the Year on more occasions, but Messi has won more league Player of the Year accolades.

Is Ronaldo still a good player?

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of soccer’s greatest ever superstars, is proving at Euro 2020 why he’s still the man, both on and off the field. Ronaldo has five goals in just three games, two more than anyone else. He’s also scored over 70% of Portugal’s total goals so far.

Who was the worst football player ever?

Lisch’s rather bad NFL career caused him to receive the “honor” as the worst player in NFL history from sports blog Deadspin in 2011, saying: “Sure, Leaf and Russell were bigger busts. Lisch, after all, was a fourth-round pick who had backed up Joe Montana at Notre Dame.

What was Messi’s best year?

On this day eight years ago, Lionel Messi scored his 91st goal of 2012 and capped off the greatest year ever seen from a professional footballer.

What is the best version of Ronaldo?

2011/12 was his best.

  • 2013/14 was the most complete version of Ronaldo we’ve ever seen.
  • 2016/17 was the most clutch version of Ronaldo we’ve ever seen.
  • Although he had a poor start to 2017/18 (excluding the Supercopa), his leadership and clutch that season was 1 of the most greatest things we’ve ever seen.
  • How many goals does Lionel Messi have in his career?

    Lionel Messi All Time International Goals. 142 Caps. 42 Assists. 71 Goals. 16 Penalties (4 missed) 6 Hat-tricks. 0.50 Goal Ratio.

    How many times has Messi scored in the World Cup?

    He has scored six times in FIFA World Cup tournaments: once in 2006, four times in 2014, when he guided his team to the final and was awarded the Golden Ball, and once in 2018. The remainder of Messi’s goals, 34, have come in friendlies.

    How old was Lionel Messi when he scored his first hat trick?

    Messi’s goal against Serbia and Montenegro, on 16 June 2006, made him the youngest-ever scorer for Argentina at a FIFA World Cup when he was 18 years and 357 days old. He has scored six international hat-tricks, and has netted twice in a match (also known as a brace) on eleven occasions.

    When did Lionel Messi win the Ballon d or?

    Officially the best: Lionel Messi started 2012 on a high after being voted the FIFA Ballon D’Or winner for the third consecutive year. Here, he parades the trophy before the Copa Del Rey match with Real Madrid at the Nou Camp