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How do I become a G2A partner?

How do I become a G2A partner?

Referral Program

  1. Log in or register. All you need is an account on G2A.COM. Setting it up is easy and free of charge.
  2. Create reflinks. Share them with your friends, post them on your blog, etc.
  3. Earn money. You’ll get your cut every time someone buys a product on G2A Marketplace using your link.

Is G2A a legit site?

Is G2A legal and are G2A keys legit? Yes, G2A is completely legal and reliable. G2A is an online marketplace where you can purchase Steam keys and other store keys for various video games. In fact, customers buy keys, which are then activated on their accounts on platforms such as Steam, Origin, or Uplay.

Is G2A partnered with steam?

On our site, customers can buy games for every platform, such as Steam, Origin or Uplay. Our customer support is there for you year-round to assist you and answer any and all questions.

Why are G2A games so cheap?

Many sellers on G2A Marketplace are wholesalers who purchase game keys straight from the developers and publishers in bulk. Since they buy a large number of products at once, they purchase them at much lower prices. This allows them to set lower price tags and still make a profit, as they bought the keys for cheaper.

Is G2A Goldmine a pyramid scheme?

It’s like a great pyramid with you on top. Because of this system, it is very profitable to not only refer people to G2A, but also get them to start their own goldmine themselves.

Who does G2A sponsor?

G2A is also involved in esports and sponsors professional gaming teams such as Team Atlantis, x-kom AGO, and Illuminar Gaming.

Are G2A keys stolen?

But Factorio developer Wube Software took G2A at its word. Nearly a full year later, G2A has come forward to say… yes, after looking into things, it had indeed sold keys for Factorio which were stolen. Per the terms of the offer, G2A will now pay Wube Software $39,600.

Is G2A trustworthy 2021?

Despite all of the questions surrounding G2A, the company asserts that its website is legitimate. While the site itself may be verifiable, the marketplace is a different story entirely. Much of this uncertainty with G2A stems from the resellers on the platform distributing illegitimate game code keys.

Is G2A still bad?

Essentially, G2A isn’t an authorised reseller, and so you could say it is not legit. Knowing what we know, we wouldn’t buy games from G2A – we would support the developers by purchasing them direct or from a legitimate reseller such as Steam.

Why is G2A so bad?

So, G2A is a poor platform for consumers that offers predatory services like G2A Shield; G2A essentially harbors those that obtain illegal keys by continuing to allow them to sell on the platform; G2A, in its current form, actively hurts developers, much more than even something like piracy; and G2A has offered no …

Does G2A use stolen credit cards?

But developers have long said that many of those games’ keys come from purchases made on other platforms with stolen credit cards. These users then allegedly use G2A to sell those keys for cash (usually at well below the going rate), effectively laundering the purchases before the illicit charges are discovered.

Can you make money with G2A goldmine?

G2A Goldmine lets you earn money by promoting products on G2A Marketplace through referral links (reflinks for short). Whenever someone purchases a product on G2A.COM through your reflink, you receive a portion of the product’s price.

How many reviews are there on G2A.COM?

234,044 reviews matching your search. Reset filters. The seller send me fake/revoke codes and don’t give refunds. The Money Back Guarantee Is fake, and they don’t give me any refunds. see the last reviews in trustpilot before you try this website. G2A are scamming scumbags they send…

What’s the best way to pay with G2A?

G2A offers over 200 100% secure payment methods. You can pay with iDeal, PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard, Visa and MasterCard, and even with Bitcoins. Does G2A provide other services as well?

Do you get a refund from G2A.COM?

G2A are scamming scumbags they send… G2A are scamming scumbags they send fake/used codes and don’t reply to messages and don’t give refunds they are scammers and should be banned. And no it’s not down to PayPal to give a refund it’s you g2a to give me my refund you scamming scumbags.

Is it possible to get scammed on G2A?

Yes, you can definitely get scammed on G2A. As I said before, If you bought games from a seller who’s ratings aren’t that great ( is less than 95%) then your chances of getting scammed becomes very high. You need to know that not all sellers are developers or companies.