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Has anyone ever won Cash4Life in Virginia?

Has anyone ever won Cash4Life in Virginia?

Someone who played the Virginia Lottery’s Cash4Life® game has done just that. Now the Virginia Lottery is waiting for that winner to come forward. The winning ticket was bought at Park Avenue Market, located at 1024 Park Avenue in Norfolk. It matched all six numbers in the November 4 Cash4Life® drawing.

Has anyone won 1000 a day for life?

A Detroit business owner is looking forward to an early retirement after winning $1,000 a day for life playing the Michigan Lottery’s Lucky For Life game. Roderick Slaughter, of Detroit, matched the five white balls and the Lucky ball – 07-09-15-31-39 LB: 01 – in the Feb. 11 drawing to win the big prize.

What’s the payout for Win For Life?

You don’t just win once with Lucky for Life, you win FOR LIFE. The top prize of $365,000 A YEAR FOR LIFE is paid weekly and the second prize is $25,000 a YEAR FOR LIFE paid yearly. These prizes stick around for a minimum of 20 years or even longer – as long as you’re around!

How much is a Cash4Life ticket in Virginia?

Cash4Life is played in Virginia, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Maryland, Georgia, and Indiana. A play costs $2. The odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 21.8 million.

How is Virginia Cash for Life paid out?

The first installment, paid at the time of claim, will be prorated from the date of claim until February 15th of the following year. Subsequent annual installments of $52,000 will be paid on February 15th of each year for the duration of my natural life.

Has anyone ever won the cash for life?

Ginette Chaumont and Robert Lapensee of Vankleek Hill after winning $1,000 a week for life with INSTANT CASH FOR LIFE (Game #1176). The pair opted for the lump sum payment of $675,000.

How much do you get after taxes if you win a million dollars?

Let’s say you win a $1 million jackpot. If you take the lump sum today, your total federal income taxes are estimated at $370,000 figuring a tax bracket of 37%….Minimizing Lottery Jackpot Taxes.

Total Winnings $1,000,000 $1,000,000
Winnings Received Over 20 Years $630,000 $780,000

What’s the first thing I should do if I win the lottery?

What to Do After Claiming Your Prize

  • Consult With the Professionals You Hired. These professionals exist to help you, not the other way around.
  • Pay Off Most Debts.
  • Start an Emergency Fund.
  • Put Away Money for Retirement.
  • Diversify Your Investments.
  • Set Up College Funds.
  • Give to Those Less Fortunate.
  • Learn to Say No.

Is Cash4Life really for life?

Is Cash4Life for, well, life? Yep! So long as you pick the annuity option, paid in annual installments of $365,000. The minimum annuity period is 20 years.

What’s the cash payout for Lucky for Life?


Winners Annuitized Payment Option Cash Option
1 $1,000 a day for life $5,750,000.00
2-14 $1,000 a day for life* $5,750,000.00*
15 or more (No annuitized payment option) $7,125,000.00*