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Can I use my Oyster card on the river bus?

Can I use my Oyster card on the river bus?

You can use contactless or Oyster to pay as you go on all Thames Clippers services. You can’t top up your Oyster card at River Bus piers, so make sure you have enough pay as you go credit on your Oyster card before you travel. Journeys made using contactless or Oyster on River Bus services do not count towards capping.

Can you travel on River Thames?

London riverboat services on the Thames. Travelling by river is a great way to get around London. You’ll beat the traffic and enjoy fantastic views of London along the way. Fares vary according to river zones and discounts; prices start from free for children under five, up to £19.90 for an adult River Roamer ticket.

Can I use Oyster on Thames Clipper?

Using Oyster or Contactless to Pay as You Go. Yes, you can touch in and out with Oyster to pay as you go to travel on all Uber Boat by Thames Clippers River Bus services. Touch in when instructed to board and remember to touch out to avoid paying an incorrect fare.

How much does a Thames River cruise cost?

Single Tickets Prices start at £10.80/adult (16+), £7.05/child (5-15), free for infants 4 and under. See their full list of single and return ticket prices here. If you are planning on taking at least two rides, we recommend that you buy a River Pass. This pass gives you unlimited travel between their piers.

Is it cheaper to get a Travelcard or Oyster card?

As a general rule a Travelcard is more expensive than an Oyster card or Contactless payment card. The exception is if you make 3 or more journeys for 6 days or more within a 7 day period. In this case a 7 day Travelcard works out cheaper than an Oyster or Contactless payment card.

How much is a 1 day Travelcard?

Daily prices

Type Day Anytime Price Off-Peak Day Price
Adult Zones 1-2 £12.70 £12.70
Adult Zones 1-4 £12.70 £12.70
Adult Zones 1-6 £18.10 £12.60

Can I take a boat on the Thames?

All boats kept, used or let for hire on the river must be registered. If you have a boat and you keep it afloat and/or use it on the River Thames, you need to register it, even if you do not use it.

Do Thames Clippers have toilets?

There are toilets with accessible facilities on board most of the fleet. Our larger boats also have baby changing tables.

Is Uber a TfL boat?

In their letter, which City A.M. has seen, the two politicians said: “Ultimately, one TfL licenced scheduled Thames passenger boat operator is made to pay expensive pier landing fees at TfL owned piers and another one is not (Uber Thames Clippers), despite them both targeting the same sightseeing and tourist passengers …

How long is the Thames River cruise?

40 minute
The London Eye River Cruise is a 40 minute circular sightseeing tour, along the River Thames. Departing from The London Eye pier you will be taken on route to see the House of Parliament, though to The Tower of London and Tower Bridge, where you will return back to The London Eye Pier.

How long are you on the London Eye for?

30 minute
30 minute rotation with iconic 360 degree views of the capital. 40-minute circular sightseeing boat cruise along the famous River Thames. See London’s most popular landmarks led by expert guides. The time selected will be for the London Eye River Cruise – you must book a visit time for the London Eye separately.

Do you get discount on Thames Clippers river bus?

You get 1/3 off the Thames Clippers River Bus and most sightseeing River Tours if you have a Travelcard . If your Travelcard is on your Oyster card, touch in on the yellow card reader to get the discounted fare. If you have a paper ticket, you need to show it to staff when buying your ticket.

How many people ride the Thames Clippers a day?

Thames Clippers (styled as MBNA Thames Clippers) is a river bus service on the River Thames in London . The company operates both commuter services between eastern and Central London and tourist services under licence from London River Services. At present they transport around 8,500 passengers daily.

Where does the Thames Clippers Cross River ferry run?

Thames Clippers operates the direct cross river Canary Wharf – Rotherhithe Ferry, between Canary Wharf Pier and the Nelson Dock Pier at the Hilton Hotel in Rotherhithe. The service uses smaller boats than the commuter service but runs at a higher frequency of every 20 minutes and every 10 minutes during peak times.

Where are the river bus services in London?

Six River Bus routes run from 22 piers between Putney and Woolwich. River Bus services run from early morning until late evening and the River Bus Express is a dedicated service running before and after events at the O2 in North Greenwich. River Bus services are operated by Thames Clippers.