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Can a contralto sing mezzo?

Can a contralto sing mezzo?

Range: The mezzo range is usually G below Middle C to a High B or High C. Alto is the part listed in choral music, but the voice type is either mezzo or contralto. Less common than mezzos, contraltos can usually sing from F below Middle C to about an F (fifth line) below High C.

What is mezzo contralto?

In terms of range, think of the mezzo-soprano as in the middle (mezzo, in Italian) of the soprano and the contralto — roughly singing from the A below middle C and up at least two octaves. Contraltos, range-wise, fall between the mezzo and the tenor.

How rare is a contralto voice?

A contralto is a type of classical female singing voice whose vocal range is the lowest female voice type. The contralto’s vocal range is fairly rare; similar to, but different from the alto, and almost identical to that of a countertenor.

What is the difference between contralto and mezzo-soprano?

The vocal range of the mezzo-sopranos lies between the soprano and the contralto voice types. Mezzo-sopranos generally have a heavier, darker tone than sopranos. The mezzo-soprano voice resonates in a higher range than that of a contralto.

Is Miley Cyrus contralto?

Many people seem to think that Miley is a coloratura contralto because a common misperception is that any low voiced female is a contralto. However, Miley is a mezzo-soprano. Many low voiced women are, in fact.

Is Taylor Swift a contralto?

Taylor is an alto. Mezzo sopranos have a strong resonation in the middle of their range and while they don’t go as high as a soprano, a mezzo is able to hit some mid-high notes.

Is Mariah Carey a contralto?

You can classify her as a contralto, mezzo soprano, or coloratura soprano, but her voice has certain qualities that make it quite impossible to be placed in any voice classification. She considers her voice though as an alto.

Is Lady Gaga a contralto?

Gaga is often called a contralto. People see her range, and believe that because she has a darker voice that can reach the 2nd octave, she must be a contralto. Gaga’s voice is far from androgynous.

What vocal type is Mariah Carey?

Regarding her voice type, Carey said that she is an alto, though several critics have described her as a soprano. However, within contemporary forms of music, singers are classified by the style of music they sing. There is currently no authoritative voice classification system within non-classical music.

Is Beyonce a contralto?

The Contralto is the lowest female voice category, and one which, in Western classical music, is rarely featured. Singers such as Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Alicia Keys all exploit the lowest area of the Contralto voice to great effect! …