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Are there any home screen tweaks in Cydia?

Are there any home screen tweaks in Cydia?

Showcasing a list of amazing Cydia tweaks that will let you customize your iPhone home screen. You can use these crazy tweaks to change things up and make your iOS device better than ever. Oh, not to mention, stands out of the crowd as well. Barrel is a tweak that makes it less boring when we swipe back and forth between pages on our home screen.

How to jailbreak and install Cydia on iPhone 5?

Connect your device and then select it from the upper left-hand corner of TinyUmbrella. Click on the Advanced tab and uncheck the following: Save ALL Available SHSH and Request SHSH From Cydia. Click on Save SHSH and your blob should be saved onto your computer. It will show up under Log if it is successful.

Can a jailbroken iPhone change the home screen?

Sure Apple allows you to move the app icons around, change the wallpaper, and that’s pretty much it. No further styling is allowed unless you have a jailbroken device. This is what the article is going to be about.

Which is the best home screen tweak for iPhone?

While many people love scrolling through their home screen, some prefer to have every app on their SpringBoard fits into one place. This is the goal of ReformX. With this tweak, you can fit up to 100 app icons on a single page. This can be very helpful if you have many pages on your home screen and do not want to keep scrolling for apps.

What to do if 3D Touch doesn’t work on iPhone?

If all the methods fail and still your 3D Touch won’t work on iPhone, you can try Tenorshare ReiBoot. The software is a problem-solver and will no doubt resolve the 3D Touch issue.

Where to find 3D touch sensitivity on iPhone?

Also check your iPhone 3D Touch sensitivity if the feature is already enabled in your iPhone. You will find 3D Touch sensitivity option in Settings >> 3D Touch. Prefer keeping the sensitivity Light, if you are experiencing some problem with 3D Touch.

Which is the best 3D Touch home screen app?

However, it does not remove them entirely from your device. Evanesco is ideal for those stock applications that you never touch. You can define the inactivity time and customize your home screen looks from the Settings app. If you think the 3D Touch interface is too dull and boring, CuttleFish can help.