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Are any of the original cast of Last of the Summer Wine still alive?

Are any of the original cast of Last of the Summer Wine still alive?

But this week the sun finally set on the crazy gang as its last survivor, Peter Sallis, who played mild-mannered Cleggy, passed away aged 96. He had outlived his screen pals by many years. Michael Bates , who was Cyril, died in 1978, aged 57, followed in 1999 by Compo actor Bill Owen, at 85.

How many series of Last of the Summer Wine was there?

31 series
Last of the Summer Wine finally runs dry after 37 years and 31 series | BBC One | The Guardian.

How many actors are in Last of the Summer Wine?

BBC One sitcom about a group of pensioners. 295 episodes (pilot + 31 series), 1973 – 2010. Stars Bill Owen, Peter Sallis, Frank Thornton, Brian Murphy and others.

How many episodes of The Last of the Summer Wine were made?

Last of the Summer Wine/Number of episodes

Why did Brian Wilde leave Last of the Summer Wine in 1997?

Foggy – Brian Wilde Brian played Foggy from 1976–1985 and 1990–1997. He starred as Mr Barrowclough in Porridge from the pilot episode onwards. He left Summer Wine in 1985 to pursue other projects, returning in 1990, leaving again in 1997 after a period of illness.

Why did Billy leave Last of the Summer Wine?

Billy was last seen at the end of the 27th series following the departure of Keith Clifford from the show to pursue other work at the time.

Why did Michael Bates leave Last of the Summer Wine?

When Bates was forced to leave the series due to illness, after two series, he was replaced by Brian Wilde as Foggy Dewhurst. After the death of Brian, Foggy was replaced Seymour Uttherthwaite (Michael Aldridge), and then former police officer Truly Truelove (Are You Being Served Frank Thornton).

Is Brian Wilde dead?

Deceased (1927–2008)
Brian Wilde/Living or Deceased

Why did Brian Wilde leave?

Last of the Summer Wine Wilde saw the long-running series gather momentum and continue its success; he stayed with the series for nine years, before leaving in 1985 to work on other projects.

Is Wesley from Last of the Summer Wine still alive?

He was best known for the role of Wesley Pegden on Last of the Summer Wine….

Gordon Wharmby
Born 6 November 1933 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Died 18 May 2002 (aged 68) Abergele, Conwy, Wales
Occupation Actor
Years active 1977–2002

How old is Keith Clifford?

83 years (June 20, 1938)
Keith Clifford/Age

Is Michael Bates still alive?

Deceased (1920–1978)
Michael Bates/Living or Deceased

Who are the actors in last of the Summer Wine?

.. Ivy 273 episodes, 1973-2010 Kathy Staff Nora Batty 246 episodes, 1973-2008 Robert Fyfe Howard 229 episodes, 1985-2010 Juliette Kaplan Pearl 226 episodes, 1985-2010 Jean Fergusson

When was the first episode of Summer Wine?

The pilot episode aired as an episode of Comedy Playhouse on 4 January 1973 and the first full series of episodes premiered on 12 November the very same year. The 31st (and final) series started broadcasting on 25 July 2010. Every episode was written by Roy Clarke.

How long is the last of the Summer Wine?

All episodes are 30 minutes long, unless otherwise stated. The pilot episode, alternately known as “The Last of the Summer Wine” and ” Of Funerals and Fish ,” which originally premiered on the BBC’s Comedy Playhouse was included as an Extra feature on Series 31 & 32 on disc 4 which was released on 15 August 2016.

Who was the Thursday Lady in last of the Summer Wine?

Compo’s “Thursday Lady” arrives to pay her respects. The village prepares for Compo’s funeral; even Auntie Wainwright closes her shop (her mobile phone is on for emergency purchases).