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Your True Companion: 6 Amazing Stuff Your Mobile Phone Can Offer in the Times of Crisis

Your True Companion: 6 Amazing Stuff Your Mobile Phone Can Offer in the Times of Crisis


A lot of us today are stuck at home due to the presence of Covid-19; Covid-19 is a deadly virus that started in Wuhan, the capital of Central China’s Hubei province. The said virus can be spread through respiratory droplets, thus asking everyone to stay at home to stop it from transferring from one person to another. In times like this, we genuinely appreciate the role of technology in our lives, specifically our mobile phones.

Our mobile phones are our ultimate friend today; it entertains us when boredom suddenly strikes at the same time it updates us on what’s going on in the world. There are lots of things this thing has to offer; below are some suggested things you can do with your cellular phones during the crisis.

Watch Movies

Most of us today are getting bored due to the outbreak of Covid-19; we’ve been searching for something that might entertain us in the middle of this crisis. One of the best recreational activities that will kill our boredom is watching movies; gladly, our cellular phones offer us this kind of recreation.

Tubi TV is one of the free movie apps that offers you a lot of indie movies and TV shows that are not provided by other sites and apps. Download it from Google Play or Apple Store; you can watch movies from different genres, such as comedy, horror, documentary, romance, sci-fi and fantasy, and even dramas without the need to sign up.

Online Banking

Banking is highly accessible today since most of the banks offer online banking; you are now stress-free thinking about your unpaid bills or going outside your home to transfer funds because all of it can be done even at your bed. What you have to do is simply download the app and fill down the needed information.

Listen To Music

A lot of people can’t start and end their day without putting their earphones on because it adds up happiness and comfort to their soul. With the help of mobile phones, it is easy to

download and listen to our favorite music as much as we want. Keep on listening to your favorite song!

Play Games

Many people, especially today, are searching for something enjoyable and fun; but since we are not allowed to go outside due to the crisis, playing on our cellular phone is a great help to save ourselves from getting bored. There are hundreds of online and offline games you can play that are available in Google Play or Apple Store; keep sighting the best ones.

If you’re a voracious reader, buying new books makes your soul alive; but since you’re locked up in your house, you are unable to purchase new books or even go to city libraries to find one. With the help of your cellular phones, you can have your own library by downloading a book application. Make your time useful by finding books that are in line with your interest.

Online Shopping

It is time-consuming buying something such as dresses or other necessities, especially if we are busted with so many works. Using our mobile phones, we can now shop for things that we want without getting tired. Aside from that, the advantage of purchasing online is that many items are sold at lower prices. By just downloading the app, the market is already in your hand.


This plague draws us to the realization that mobile phones are one of our companions, especially in the middle of the crisis. The situation today is not a joke; if the government wants us to stay at home, then let us all submit ourselves and follow what they’re imposing. Let us all be vigilant and stay connected to the world through grasping information using our cellular phones.