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What is Traplines by Thomas King about?

What is Traplines by Thomas King about?

Summary. The short story Trap Lines starts out an interesting note about the habits of Thomas’s father setting in the bathroom, alone, to get away from his children and think. Thomas feels releaved that his son took it with him because this fishing tackle box was given to him from his father as a memory.

What is the theme of traplines?

Traplines is a story about Wills journey to find a safe place when he is always trapped by his surroundings and his actions. The author of the story, Eden Robinson, uses metaphors, irony and foreshadowing to convey the theme of a vicious cycle in which Will is constantly unable to escape his abusive lifestyle.

What is the conflict in borders by Thomas King?

The main source of conflict was how the mom and son couldn’t cross the border to the United States because Blackfoot did not legally classify as a citizenship. The most important event that led to the resolution of this conflict was the media/press interviewing the mom and son.

When was Borders written?

Borders was originally a short story written in 1993. It’s about a boy and his mother who try to take a road trip from Alberta to Salt Lake City.

What type of conflict is Borders?

In “Borders” by Thomas King, the narrator’s mother is traveling to Salt Lake City and must go through the borders between America and Canada. The protagonist experiences the conflict of man versus society as she feels the need to defend her identity from the guards.

What type of setting is Borders by Thomas King?

The primary setting of the story is the Canadian border crossing of Coutts, a village in Alberta that has served in such capacity for over a century and continues to be one of the busiest crossings between the two countries today.

What is the irony in Borders by Thomas King?

Situational Irony – The mother refuses to be defined by the “border”, yet she can’t recognize why her daughter refuses to be similarly defined by her life within the border of the reservation. It is difficult to escape the identity of the place you live in. It is important believe in who you are.

What is the main conflict in the short story Borders?

What is the mood of Borders?

Emotional: the towns can be characterized as “sleepy”. As the story develops, the characters and their actions create a mood of cordial, defiant, pride. Details of the mother’s pride in Laetitia come at the beginning of the story.

Who is the antagonist of Borders?

The antagonist in this story is the society because they shun the people and they either make them Canadian or American.

Who is the protagonist in the short story Borders?

The protagonist in this short story is the mom, because she the one facing the problems not the boy.