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What is the secret password in Digimon World DS?

What is the secret password in Digimon World DS?

Enter the password at the purple portal inside Digimon Central’s Accel Room….Password (US Version)

Effect Effect
10407002 Obtain 100% Scan Data for DotFalcomon
42016002 Obtain Ultimate Swd, Ultimate Brr, and Ultimate Ring

How do you get Chronomon in Digimon World Dusk?

Chronomon Holy Mode can DNA digivolve from Valdurmon and Susanoomon, if the base Digimon is at least level 83, with 100% friendship, but only if you have previously befriended a Chicchimon. Chronomon Holy Mode can be hatched from the Chrono Egg.

How do you get Veemon in Digimon World DS?

Digimon World DS He cannot be obtained in the wild, but must be matched over Wi-Fi to get the Serpent Egg, which hatches into Chibomon, then Veemon.

How do you get DotAgumon?

To get DotAgumon, you must go to the wireless centre and go to up the stairs there, where there will be a portal-like device. Entering the code 20000630 will allow you to receive DotAgumon.

How do you degenerate Digimon?

You can degenerate a Digimon several ranks at a time, as mentioned. How do you digivolve/degenerate digimon? Simply go to your digimon’s status page and choose View Stats -> Digivolution Route. Then simply move your cursor using the D-pad and select either digivolve or degenerate to proceed.

How do you get ChaosGallantmon?

ChaosGallantmon digivolves from Megidramon. In order to digivolve into ChaosGallantmon, your Digimon must be at least level 51 with 250 attack and a level cap of 62. It can be hatched from the Chaos DigiEgg.

How do you get the legendary tamer quest in Dawn?

To unlock the quest line for achieving the Legend Tamer rank you need to perform a wifi connection activity with another player. It can be either a battle or matching, it doesn’t matter which. After that you can get the quest from the main quest giver in your version of the game.

How do I get ExVeemon?

ExVeemon digivolves from Veemon. In order to digivolve to ExVeemon, your Digimon must be at least level 23, with 120 Attack and 115 Spirit. ExVeemon can DNA Digivolve from Dorumon and SnowAgumon if the base Digimon is at least level 19, with 1000 Dragon experience and 155 Spirit.

How do you match Digimon in Digimon World DS?

First you need to have WiFi connections on your DS, then you talk to the Gatomon in the Central Area, select the Digimon Matching, Nintendo WFC, save, connect to WiFi, then hit the Match with a friend icon(the only icon there)and you wont find any1 there(you dont have any added to your friends list) so quit out of …

Are there any cheats for Digimon World Dusk?

Get the latest Digimon World Dusk cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, Easter eggs, glitches, tips, tricks, hacks, downloads, hints, guides, FAQs, walkthroughs, and more for Nintendo DS (DS). has all you need to win every game you play!

What is the password for Digimon World DS?

You can also ask your question on our Digimon World DS Questions & Answers page. All Cheats and Tips – Most Popular First. Enter one of the following passwords at the purple portal inside Digimon Central. Enter 20000630 as a password. Enter 82607991 as a password in the Japanese version of the game.

What are all the aptitudes for Digimon World?

EX: Betamon Aptitude 71, Seadramon Aptitude 27, MagaSeadramon Aptitude 43, MetalSeadramon Aptitude 57. In other words, Level your digimon up until they can’t level up any more through each of their stages: In-Training-Rookie-Champion-Ultimate-Mega.

What do you need to get DotFalcomon in Digimon World?

To get him you need a blackwargreymon and a black machgargomon. 10407002 to get 100% scan data of DotFalcomon. The Digimon you can encounter in Data Forest (rookie) is only the one that you chose as a starter digimon.