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What is the real name of Shastri Sisters?

What is the real name of Shastri Sisters?

Cast. Neha Pednekar as Alka Rohan Pandey – Narayan Shastri’s eldest daughter; eldest sister of Anushka, Devyani, and Piya; wife of Rohan Pandey.

How many episodes of Tere Naal Ishq are there?

1 Season, 329 episodes.

How many episodes are there in Shastri Sisters?

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What is the real name of Devyani in Tere Naal Ishq?

Sonal Vengurlekar (Devyani) Shastri Sisters[Biography] Sonal Vengurlekar is an Indian television actor and model. She was born on 12 June in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

What is the last episode of Shastri Sisters?

August 8, 2015
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Who are the Three Sisters of Rajat Shastri?

Akila is Rajat’s wife as well as Saravanan and Meenakshi’s daughter-in-law. She is the smartest sister. Sonal Vengurlekar as Devyani Narayan Shastri, the third Shastri sister. Devyani loves Rajat. Pragati Chourasiya as Priya Narayan Shastri, the younger Shastri sister. Priya is a talented student.

Who are the actors in Shastri Sisters Chaar Dil Dhadkan?

Shastri Sisters: Chaar Dil Ek Dhadkan (transl. ‘Shastri sisters: four hearts, one beat’) commonly abbreviated as Shastri Sisters is an Indian television series, which aired from July 21, 2014, through August 8, 2015, on Colors TV. The show stars Ishita Ganguly, Sonal Vengurlekar, Vijayendra Kumeria, and Sumit Bhardwaj as leads.

Who is the sister of Alka and Anushka Shastri?

Sonal Vengurlekar as Devyani-narayan shastri’s third eldest daughter.younger sister of Alka and Anushka.elder sister of piya. Vijayendra Kumeria as Rajat Surinder Sareen – surinder and minty’s eldest son.elder brother of Neil.husband of Anushka.

Who is the elder Shastri sister in Manam?

Manam is a Telugu serial and a soap opera that premiered on 8 February 2016 and airs Monday through Friday. Neha Pednekar as Kanchana Narayan Shastri / Kanchana Rajan Harishankar, the elder Shastri sister. Kanchana is Rajan’s wife and is also Harishankar and Brinda’s daughter-in-law.