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What is a vexilar Genz pack?

What is a vexilar Genz pack?

Simple, yet durable, the Genz Pack holds a powerful 12 volt 9 amp hour battery and the case itself was designed for you to attach things like a rod holder, or a Glo-Ring by simply screwing them into the plastic case, but it has pre-tapped holes for a DD-100 and a Flex-light along with a screw eye transducer holder.

What year did the Vexilar FL 20 come out?

2006 saw the introduction of the FL-12 and the FL-20.

What is the best vexilar to buy?

Vexilar FL-8SE Genz Pack with 19 degree Ice Ducer This is the best cheap ice fishing flasher from Vexilar, and is a great choice if you’re just getting into flasher ice fishing. Don’t be deceived by the affordable price – it’s still an excellent all round flasher that covers all essential functions.

How do you read a Vexilar flasher?

The flasher displays the bottom of the lake, any cover present, your lure, and of course fish. Color indicates the size of the object on your sonar: Red = Large, Yellow = Medium, Green = Small. When you drop your transducer in the hole, the flasher will display the bottom as a large bar of red.

Who invented vexilar?

1960. Vexilar was founded by John Uldrich and Robert Knutson under the name Vexilar Engineering. The first product was a small range-finder device for determining visual distances.

How much does a Vexilar FL 20 cost?

Vexilar FL-20 Ultra Pack with 9 Degree IceDucer [Best Price] – $446.36 (shipped +tax)

What is the best fish flasher on the market?

Best Ice Fishing Finder Flasher Reviewed

  • Humminbird ICE-45 – Our Pick!
  • Vexilar FL-18 – Our Pick!
  • MarCum M3 – Our Pick!
  • Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+
  • Humminbird ICE Helix 5.
  • MarCum LX-7 Ice Fishing Sonar System.

Why is a flasher better for ice fishing?

What is the difference. Whether you use a fish finder or a flasher, the goal is the same. They both show you the depth, the presence or absence of fish and how fish respond to your lure. Plus, they both offer real time sonar (RTS) that lets you know what is happening at every moment under the ice.