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What does the coffee cup mean on the Mercedes dashboard?

What does the coffee cup mean on the Mercedes dashboard?

ATTENTION ASSIST, which is standard on Vito, has been designed to identify signs of fatigue or inaccurate driving behaviour. If ATTENTION ASSIST detects low attention, a coffee cup symbol appears on the dashboard and an audio signal sounds to suggest a break.

Why is there a tea cup on my Mercedes dash?

Allow us to explain. The coffee cup icon, when illuminated in the instrument cluster display on your Mercedes-Benz, indicates that the ATTENTION ASSIST® system is turned on. ATTENTION ASSIST® is a vehicle feature that will detect signs of drowsy driving and tell you when it’s time to take a break.

How do I turn off roadside assistance on my Mercedes?

Press “Ok” on the left-side of your steering wheel, then press “Ok” again to disable (or enable) the Mercedes-Benz Attention Assist® system.

How does my Mercedes know I’m tired?

Mercedes-Benz’s Attention Assist is a system intended to help drivers recognise when they are drowsy or inattentive and to encourage them to take a break. If a sequence of such events is identified, the system warns the driver to take a break by showing a coffee cup signal in the dash and by an audible tone.

How does my Mercedes detect drowsiness?

Mercedes-Benz: Attention Assist In 2009, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a system called Attention Assist which monitors the driver’s fatigue level and drowsiness based on his/her driving inputs. It issues a visual and audible alarm to alert the driver if he or she is too drowsy to continue driving.

How do you turn on the cup heater in a Mercedes?

To switch on the heating function: press and hold button 3 until the red indicator lamp on the button lights up. To switch off the function: press and hold button 3 until the indicator lamp on the button goes out. When the heating function is used, the metal insert of the cup holder is heated.

What triggers Mercedes Attention Assist?

The very first technology of its kind in the industry, Mercedes-Benz ATTENTION ASSIST relies on an algorithm and specialized sensor to detect driver fatigue. During the first few minutes of your drive, the system analyzes your personal driving habits using over 70 different types of parameters.

Do all Mercedes have blind spot assist?

Active Blind Spot Assist is available on nearly all Mercedes-Benz models across the vehicle lineup. It’s important to remember that while this system can provide a helping hand when you need it most, you should continue to check blind spots on your own instead of relying solely on this system for help.

What happens when you press the SOS button in a Mercedes?

SOS button. One press of a button is enough: the SOS button in the overhead control panel of your vehicle immediately makes a call to the Mercedes-Benz Emergency Centre.

Is roadside assistance free for Mercedes?

Comprehensive Roadside Assistance comes free-of-charge for 3 years with any new Mercedes-Benz or 1 year with all Approved Used cars. If you break down, we will send a qualified technician to try and fix the problem at the roadside.

What is Attention Assist on a Mercedes?

An industry-first by Mercedes-Benz, ATTENTION ASSIST® uses a sensor and detailed algorithm to detect fatigued driving behavior. While you are driving, ATTENTION ASSIST® identifies certain steering corrections that indicate drowsiness and fatigue.

Why does my Mercedes have a coffee cup on the dash?

Being some of the most advanced cars on the road, a Mercedes-Benz can be a fun experience in playing “guess the dash light.” MBWorld member tfsiii recently hit the forums to ask why his dash always had a little coffee cup symbol.

What does the coffee cup icon on the speedometer mean?

I checked today and sure enough at about the 8 o’clock position there is what looks like a small coffee cup when the engine is on. I looked through my owners manual for about 20 minutes and could not find anything about the coffee cup icon. Does anyone know what this is for or what it means? Attention Assist. Pg. 164 in my manual.

What does the symbol on Mercedes Benz dashboard mean?

With the latest Mercedes Benz models, you will generally have an explanation on your screen, however on older models you may have to dig up the manual from the depths of your glove box to figure out what has gone wrong, so we are here to help. Symbol – An icon representing the shape of your engine.

Can a Mercedes navigation system pull up Starbucks?

The Mercedes navigation system will automatically pull up Starbucks coffee locations for you, so this is a conspiracy and the two companies are in cahoots to make you buy more coffee.